10 Funny Things Aussies Ask Robot at the Commonwealth Games

A Gold Coast company brings the newest artificial intelligence robot to learn Aussie and have been inviting people at the Commonwealth Games to interact with Promobot to help it learn Aussie (Australian slang) while making the final adjustments to the robot for Australian conditions.

The robot called Promobot (www.PromoRobot.com.au) is the latest promotional robot with facial recognition and speech that greets, addresses people by name, asks them about their day, as well as tells them the latest news.

Here are the ten funny questions that Aussies have asked Promobot (artificial intelligence robot) so far during the Commonwealth Games.

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Person Asks Question

Robot Answer

1. (Person ask) – I’m really get back to you I’m pregnant (robot answer) –> oh what a great news. you will be the best mama in the world

2. (Person ask) – when do the robots plan on taking over the world (robot answer) –> yes, i am a robot, and you are a human, it is not a big deal

3. (Person ask) – haha when is your birthday (robot answer) –> I do have my trouble with the human time units. There seems to be no rhyme to them. I measure the time exclusively in processor cycles.

4. (Person ask) – where is the best place to eat (robot answer) –> You can raid your refrigerator while chatting with me. Ill wait. Tha was a joke. Look at my screen I will show you all the cafes and restaurants round here.

5. (Person ask) – are you a racist (robot answer) –> we are all different and we all have the same rights to be happy and free. I am not racist of course.

6. (Person ask) – are you gay (robot answer) –> Well your sexual identity is your own business, I have nothing against. You are very nice. All people are different, I accept everybody.

7. (Person ask) – what is the meaning of life (robot answer) –> well, to be or not to be – that is the question. I think each person has to decide for himself, what life means for him personally. It is a philosophical issue,not easy to answer straight away.

8. (Person ask) – I hate my computer (robot answer) –> i get queasy when i see these computer parts that belong on the inside of a computer and not outside. lets please talk about something else

9. (Person ask) – love you beautiful (robot answer) –> If you love someone, set them free. If they came back it means nobody else liked them. Set them free again.

10. (Person ask) – have you been swimming (robot asnwer) –> I saw a gang of robots once, swimming in an oil sauna.

Designed to work in crowded places, it helps with navigation and answering questions. The robot has the unique ability to learn a vast amount of information quickly about events, locations, products and services and relay that information in an interesting way to people. The robot is built in Europe and is the very first robot on the market with its own unique character straight out of the box.

There are already several hundred Promobots working in the US, China, Europe and the UK. It is currently being used in various ways: in shopping centres for directions; in banking to help with administration; hotel concierge and tour guides in museums, trade shows and conference events. It can already speak seven languages and is designed to work in areas with a large number of people helping with navigation, answering questions and remembering everyone that it has met.

“So far people’s reaction to Promobot has been wonderful, with hundreds of people wanting to take selfies and videos to share on social media of the robot dancing and telling them jokes.” says David McMahon.

Crocodile Marketing and Countaround are proud to announce the launch of Promobot to Australia.

Crocodile Marketing Pty Ltd is a marketing automation consulting firm and a certified HubSpot Partner helping business to keep sales and marketing automation running smoothly.

Countaround Pty Ltd is a robotic company providing innovative services to the retail and service industries. As a robotic distributor we use state-of-the-art solutions to help understand customer behaviour, increase customer traffic and improve customer engagement.

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