$217 Trillion Worth of Real Estate Investment Made Easy Inferium Launches in November 2018

The team at Infiniti Estate believe if the world was presented with more transparent, secure, convenient and with affordable property investment solution. They’ll not only be the most in-demand property investment industry but they will also be improving quality of life for everyone in it and for the generations to come.

Infiniti Estate after a year of research has created the most simplified property investment solution (Inferium) where everyone and anyone can participate with no minimum investment, no high capital and no boundaries compare to the traditional property investment system. However, the issue which continues to face by the real estate investors is the hassle for property management, hefty fees for lawyers or high commission to the real estate brokers, customer service & maintenance cost which has also been eliminated by Inferium Platform.

Infiniti Estate is registered under MA Group Holdings Global Management LTD, a British registered company is a cutting edge real estate investment innovator using the Etherreum blockchain technology and with its robust ecosystem is providing the solution to these issues by minimizing the cost up to 72%.

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Inferium platform is ideal for those without the time, looking for additional income, or want to make maximum profit from their investment without quitting their current job or business hassle free.

The team behind Inferium are professional realtors, developers, and highly experienced financial & Property advisors from various countries who are well equipped and can manage transaction and the platform without any interruption or security breach.

Inferium by Infiniti Estate ICO will take place in October, the date will be announced on social media channels. Presently they are giving away $100 in INF tokens for just registering and sharing the project.

Website: www.infinitiestate.org

Social Link:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfinitiEstate

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfinitiEstate

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