3B Products Announces Patent Issued for Package Damage Indication

The newly issued patent for Damage-Indicating Packaging allows 3BP, Inc. (“3BP”) to move forward with more extensive research and development and further expand its smart packaging product line. The company, known as 3BP is an intelligent packaging manufacturing startup with a unique line of packaging for the condom, pharmaceutical, food, and cannabis markets. The patent provides distinct intelligence features that set new standards in package safety.

“3BP is not reinventing the packaging wheel, we’ve just figured out a way to make it safer”, says co-Founder Auguste Jacques. 3BP’s Damage-Indicating Packaging is “smart” and designed to automatically identify and act on tampering, contamination, and counterfeiting of packaged and pre-packaged products. The state-of-the-art product packaging quickly identifies contamination by heat, time, and/or air. 3BP’s patented damage-indicating, contamination-evident indicators turn a distinctive color that warns the consumer that the product is unfit for its intended use. The color change is customizable to a manufacturer’s needs/request based on application.

The color changing technology provides a value-added synergy to existing packaging, and can easily and successfully be applied to any of the product packaging currently on the market. The product is cost-effective for manufacturers and distributors and safe for consumers. Now that the patent has been issued, 3BP is actively working on a new phase of R & D while looking for partnerships and investors. The next phase of R &D will include more advanced live track and trace packaging.

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About 3BP, Inc.

Originally, the technology was designed for the condom packaging industry. The execution involved the placement of the tamper-evident packaging as an added layer to the interior or exterior of existing condom packaging, thereby preventing the oxygen-indicating dye from coming into direct contact with the condom. The detection of damage to the condom minimizes the risk of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The evidence of damage to the condom package with the patented color changing technology arms the user with a visible deterrent, as opposed to the previous standard of an air bubble or an expiration date on the packaging.

Following the formation of Baby Blue, the Founders recognized a much broader application for the growing packaging industry and new demand for packaging safety. As a consequence, the Founders formed a sister entity of Baby Blue – 3BP- to integrate the use of non-condom related active and intelligent packaging (“3B Packaging”) across a wide array of industries with a similar application. Oxygen-indicating ink incorporated into the transparent packaging changes color upon a breach of the packaging. The 3BP packaging provides an outer layer to existing generic or brand-specific packaging thereby eliminating any direct contact with the packaged products. Upon exposure to air, a discernable color change will occur within minutes or days based on the intended use and application. The process provides safety and quality assurance to end users and benefits manufacturers, distributors and retailers by decreasing waste and financial loss due to returned merchandise.

3BPTM Active and Intelligent Packaging’s mission is to provide a high quality and well recognizable brand of superior and advanced manufacturing technology that advances ease of use and peace of mind in knowing that a product will work for its intended purpose.

For more information, contact 3BP, Inc. at [email protected].

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