Abu-Ghazaleh launches AI services in cooperation with Fusion Informatics

Dr Talal Abu-Ghazaleh signed a cooperation agreement with Fusion Informatics in support of his vision to launch AI services at TAG Global. He said, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are promising technologies for business automation and effective service distribution”. These technologies will have a direct impact and significant continuous process for business customers, he added.

In partnership with Fusion Informatics, an AI software Development Company based in India. Talal Abu-Ghazeleh Artificial Intelligence will focus on delivering advanced AI solutions to enhance the capabilities of businesses in an effort to achieve profit and maintain a continuous updating of AI evolution.

Only with consulting support and guidance, AI technologies, applications, and standards of excellence can be re-enforced in the promotion of dynamic and flexible smart and autonomous business environments.

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In the initial phase, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global has initiated AI projects to automate business processes using natural languages processing, data analytics, deep learning, machine learning, AI chatbot, and blockchain. These include auditing and accounting, archiving, learning, HR, trademark and patenting, and invoicing.

Mr Ashesh, CEO of Fusion Informatics, said: We are experienced in developing AI and ML (Machine Learning) solutions to advance automation in the business that drives outcomes. We have developed successful machine learning models for our potential clients. Our relationship with Talal Abu-Ghazeleh Artificial Intelligence allows us to leverage the combined AI solutions to solve complicated business problems for our customers in Jordan and the region across all industry verticals.

About Abu-Ghazaleh Global

Founded in 1972, TAG.Global is a world’s one of the largest professional and educational services providing company for various businesses. The company operates its services by using high-quality standards in more than 100 locations worldwide in Arab countries, North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

With more than 100 offices worldwide and non-exclusive strategic alliance agreements with various networks and individual firms thus enabling it to choose a firm best suited to its clients’ needs in virtually every country in the world.

For More Information Visit- www.tagorg.com

About Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is the world’s premier leading software Development Company for Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain and Enterprise Mobility solutions. They are the B2B oriented firm aimed to provide innovative AI solutions for enterprises in their I.T needs. Since 2000, they have expert innovators in advanced technology provides supply chain process for business. Fusion Informatics is passionate about helping the enterprises, dedicated to growing clients’ business by implementing Artificial Intelligence. Our technology empowers our users to quickly enhanced completion and creates new opportunities.

For more information, Visit- https://www.fusioninformatics.com

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