Adam Davenport Is Giving Away Money Via New App Wuzhear (WATCH VIDEO)

  • Adam Davenport is busy. While on a short break from his stint in Aida at The Metropolitan Opera, the actor and Billboard-charting DJ/producer just released a remix EP of his latest hit “Change The World,” an EDM cover of the Eric Clapton song that won three Grammy Awards in 1997 including Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

And now in this branded content spot for the new app Wuzhear, he’s giving away cash — yes, deposited directly into your Paypal account. What’s the gimmick? And what is Wuzhear?

Wuzhear, the brainchild of Manhattan hedge fund Iroquois Capital’s Leo Abbe, is basically a virtual geocaching app: currency (called Ka$h) is hidden virtually and can only be found by exploring the world in real life. Think of it as Pokemon go’s location-based features cleverly integrated into a social media app.

Ka$h is attached to a “Kilroy” which is a photo you either take or upload from your phone and spray-paint at a location where it is then hidden to be found by other users. The app pays you for using it: $0.01 is added to one’s Paypal account for every "kilroy" found and $0.05 for everyone that is painted.

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In this video featuring Davenport as a news anchor, the app launches a new PowerKa$h feature with jackpots that increase with each additional participant. “It’s just like the lotto!” Adam says. The more people who participate, the bigger the jackpot. Per the app creators, the last contest winner won $340.

Want to play and win? Here’s what to do:

  1. Download Wuzhear (The app will give you a dollar just for entering).

  2. Come to the starting line Kilroy at Grand Central to receive your first clue.

Wuzhear is available for free download from iTunes and Google and currently is most widely used in the boroughs of New York City and Long Island.

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