Aitca Platform Announces AI Powered Financial Services

AITCA Platform announced today that it has launched an Artificial-Intelligence powered financial service which is available on so that you can see the basic part of the service in action. AITCA AI is one of the services AITCA platform provides to clients globally.

AITCA AI financial market prediction with greatly assist investors and market makers with choosing investment options covering the stock, bond, cryptocurrency, coin and ETF markets. The site provides an easy way to upload the information AITCA AI needs from the user so that it can make a prediction. The paid model for clients/users will have more options and show more clarified results.

AITCA’s custom artificial intelligence solution that clients are using with the financial services platform to improve their investment odds in the financial markets will assist institutional investors, banks, governments, personal, business, non-profit and NGO clients to make smarter more informed choices when investing in the global financial markets.

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