An imaginary CGI Social Influencer that aims to heal the World

She may not exist in the true sense of the word but this quirky nineteen year old certainly has attitudes and opinions that could potentially change the way many young adults view the World and the environment we have created.

Pippa Pei is a typical, lively, fun-loving nineteen-year-old girl who is completely at one with her world. A world where pollution has ravaged the oceans, rivers, towns and cities. However, Pippa was born into this environment and her acceptance and enjoyment of this landscape are sometimes shocking… but she knows no different. This is Pippa Pei’s World… now or in the not too distant future?

A CGI influencer with a completely different agenda…

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Pippa Pei has been created for the sole purpose of engaging with the ‘Instagram Generation’ in a positive and dynamic way. Her acceptance of her world is intended to stimulate questions and debate and via online engagement, increase awareness and promote a push for positive change and attitude.

Pippa is eager to tell the World the story of her everyday life on this polluted planet, not in a negative way but in a way that reflects her joy and happiness living in the World she loves the world she has inherited… and the only world she has ever known.

She’s against consumerism, doesn’t follow fashion trends and doesn’t feel its necessary to wear loads of makeup or spend a fortune of the latest beauty products. She questions the need to blindly follow the fashionistas and make seemingly pointless purchases. Her passion for life is contagious but she also suffers the self-doubts and anxieties that typical girls of her age experience. She is after all, only human.

She is definitely NOT a ‘Save the World Superhero’ – she is an ordinary teenager that accepts her World and the way its become but occasionally asks questions… could it be different? can things change? is this how its meant to be?

Why a CGI character and not a ‘real’ person?

As a Photorealistic CGI character, Pippa Pei is far more versatile than any living person could ever be. Her very ‘existence’ creates controversy, debate and publicity. Her unusual poses and posts reinforce her unconventional style.

The CGI Influencer (or Digital Model) is a widely accepted modern day Social Media phenomenon – take @lilMiquela, @burmudaisbae or @shudu.gram for example. Despite NOT being 100% CGI, collectively these three Instagram accounts have well over 1.6 million followers – and growing!

However, these ‘influencers’ have been created with one purpose in mind and that is to sell stuff. Clothing, fashion accessories, perfumes. toiletries etc., are all being heavily promoted to followers of these characters… and this where @PippaPei differs.

Through positive and sometimes controversial social media engagement, Pippa plans to build a significant following and rally support from a demographic group that could potentially make a difference to our World.

Pippa’s main social media debut will be during late October 2018 although she’s already opened her Instagram and Twitter accounts and is making occasional postings and comments – follow her using the handle: @PipperPei

About Pippa Pei’s Creator

Pippa is the brainchild of Phillip Jay (@pjaypix), a leading UK based digital artist renowned for producing photorealistic human models. His ‘Imagined Reality’ series of artworks have been exhibited and displayed Internationally.

He has also created many other CGI characters that are currently at work globally as social influencers or as part of the advertising or promotional campaigns. Jay has also created Irmaz Models, the World’s FIRST modelling agency for virtual people: or follow on Instagram: @irmazmodels

NOTES: Download images of Pippa Pei and other Phillip Jay creations by following the links below

‘Pei’ is pronounced ‘pay’ – rhymes with ‘hey’ – she is 100% CGI and NOT a composite as with @lilmiquela

For more information visit:

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