An Innovative Conference Calling App For Inbound Calls Without Any Waiting Time And PIN Numbers

The makers of Voice Snap have done it once again with Let’s Huddle. It is a safe conference call App that allows immediate connection of members without the need for bridge numbers.

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A dial-in or traditional conference call needs scheduling online with the exact time and passcode shared with each member of the conference call. Once scheduled, each conference call attendee has to type in the bridge number. If there is a need to switch from landline to mobile or vice versa, the only recourse is to disconnect and start the process all over again. The process not only wastes time, but it also creates lapses and increases the possibility of errors due to human intervention.

To solve the many problems and drawbacks that riddle conventional teleconference services, Voice Snap created Let’s Huddle. The first of its kind, the Conference Call App doesn’t necessitate any back and forth for scheduling. The app sends an automated SMS to all members. The USP of the app is its automatic dial-in feature. It requires no PINs, bridge numbers, or passcodes to connect all members.

When questioned on what makes Let’s Huddle ground-breaking, a spokeswoman from Voice Snap says, “Huddle is simple and innovative. Most teleconferences suffer from two major issues. Members have to wait for each other to connect in. The process takes times because passcodes or bridge numbers have to be dialled in. Our app does away with the system. It safely and securely connects all participants without the need of putting in a PIN. The second issue is muting or unmuting. Traditionally, only all members can be forced muted. Let’s Huddle has a live monitor that aids in controlling the participants. You can connect or disconnect a member. Mute or unmute a person!”

The mobile app is accessible on both Android and iOS systems along with web access. It ensures instant conference calls, which are also hassle-free. The teleconference app features group creation through which automated dial outs can be set for a given time. Voice Snap ensured that the app solves the issue of a missed conference call. For this, they added an SMS feature. The first SMS is sent when the conference is scheduled and the other five minutes prior to the actual call time.

The same spokesperson also quoted, “Our conference call App also takes away the headache of noting down Minutes of Meeting. Each call is voice recorded. The record is sent to the moderator if they so choose it. Instead of noting down what each member said, Huddle gives you voice document of it. That’s not the only feature which makes the app disruptive. Its ability to transfer a call from a landline to mobile and the other way around without disconnection is lifesaving. The best part is the call history. One tap is more than enough to connect to all members of a previous call.”

Voice Snap’s outbound audio-conferencing mobile app is just one more feature in the many intuitive solutions they provide to businesses. Because they inherently grasp the problems which occur during communication, they designed the app to break barriers while being scalable. The app is particularly useful for small businesses who do not have the financial bandwidth to resort to expensive solutions for conferencing.

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