Ankit Sharma, young social entrepreneur launches Blockchain Bluewhale Tour

Ankit Sharma, young entrepreneur and writer launches Blockchain Bluewhale Tour. This tour includes talk/seminar across India and Europe during this summer, 2019. The tour is scheduled to take place in cities of Amsterdam, Paris, Munich during March. Following this month, the tour will move to Indian cities like NewDelhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Blockchain Bluewhale Program is a series of workshops in the above cities, delivering interactive lectures on the future of blockchain. These workshops will attract startups, entrepreneurs, enterprise professionals and students. The lectures will be delivered by Ankit Sharma.

Ankit Sharma has recently released a book ‘Story of an Indian MFII’. He is also working on a documentary with the same title and which is based on this book. His upcoming book titled ‘Truth Trust and Transparency’ covers the philosophical take on the blockchain.

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The blockchain is an emerging technology. Sharma comes from an entrepreneurial background. He was the co-founder of Upscale, a technology startup in New Delhi, in 2012. Following this, he launched Finocial, banking as a platform company. He also co-founded River, a VR startup in Delhi. After a career spanning 8 years, he has recently taken up writing to express his views on such emerging technologies. Ankit Sharma is the Director of Muellner Internet, which is a technology focussed tech capital firm. He is also an active investor in early-stage startup community across India and Germany.

The Blockchain Bluewhale Tour is a program that will address the professionals and developers in the IT sector. The cross-continent event aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and promoting blockchain enabled technology development. The workshops are 3-hour duration and include a simulated environment with product demonstrations.

The first workshop is scheduled in Amsterdam on the 16th of March.

The program is supported by a Dutch company – ‘This is Fashion’ and Ankit’s past work with Grameen Foundation’s Mifos Initiative, which has also participated in Google Summer of Code since 2011.

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