Announcing the Launch of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce

As a response to the hyper-fast growth and complexity of the digital revolution, the European Chamber of Digital Commerce (ECDC) has been launched by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, founded in 1933, drawing upon its rich and luminous history of long-standing relationships with the world’s foremost banks, corporations, and Heads of State.

The European Chamber of Digital Commerce champions the interests of entrepreneurs and top-tier corporations in FinTech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity.

Partners of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce have access to world-class business development, specialized digital technology advisory, over 8,000 investment firms, and global media coverage. Foreign corporations seeking access to the European market can rely upon ECDC for implementation of their strategies. Other exclusive benefits include the invitation to contribute to Digital Future Magazine, sent to over 35,000 company executives and investment professionals. ECDC partners also participate in Authoritative Industry Reports, boosting their visibility, making their voices heard, and providing key direction to the industry and lawmakers.

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The European Chamber of Digital Commerce has designated CNNMoney Switzerland in Zurich as its preferred host for televised events, including the Digital Future Board Room, where ECDC’s partners can gather to examine issues in fintech and offer solutions to shape our digital future. As a strong advocate for women in business, ECDC also hosts Women of Digital Technology, showcasing the successes of female-owned businesses. Partners are also eligible for the prestigious Dr. Jelle Zijlstra Award and Fellowship, recognizing the most extraordinary business leaders, visionaries, and Heads of State.

The Court of Arbitration of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce provides an economical alternative to the public court system, with arbiters specialized in digital issues.

Ria Persad, ECDC’s President, states, “The algorithmic revolution means that companies need to stay ahead of the curve and stand out. Through its innovative model, ECDC empowers businesses to thrive in such a competitive digital landscape.”

ECDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Juchter van Bergen Quast, stresses, “ECDC provides a powerful platform to increase business profitability in the digital economy. Companies will not want to miss the boat.”

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