AudienceRun Helps Publishers Increase Their Digital Advertising Revenue

AudienceRun, an ad network created by experts with more than ten years of experience in the field of online advertising, launched two innovative ad formats – the Mobile Footer and the NextUp format.

AudienceRun operates at an international level and is continually working on innovative ways to address the demand of both publishers and advertisers. Through the years, the company’s experts have come to the conclusion that keeping web visitors engaged is crucial for the website’s monetization. This requires agility in ad formats but also understanding the needs of a constantly evolving environment.

Nowadays marketing specialists know that their audience is not very susceptible to advertising. However, the right formula does exist. Users could easily be targeted with formats that grab the attention but at the same time do not interfere with their reading experience. This is where AudienceRun intelligent innovative solutions come to play. With a 100% fill rate, the new formats offer publishers the opportunity to significantly increase their digital advertising revenue.

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Today 80% of online advertising revenue comes from mobile. In response, AudienceRun Mobile Footer offers website owners the opportunity to fully monetize their mobile audience. The format occupies about 1/8th on the screen and is present discreetly at the bottom of the page through the entire navigation unless the user chooses to close it.

Following the way people consume information online, AudienceRun has developed NextUp format. This technology is inspired by the Youtube "Next up" model and suggests content that may be of interest to users during the rest of their browsing. The NextUp format is a discrete cross-device solution that appears at the bottom right corner of the page when the user has read a certain amount of lines and wishes to continue exploring the rest of the website.

AudienceRun is an international ad network that started in 2010 in France. In 2018 the company expanded by moving its headquarters to the United States. AudienceRun is connected to the biggest international SSP platforms which allow it to serve publishers from all over the world. The company offers IAB formats and is constantly working on developing its own innovative solutions to monetize traffic and drive high-quality audiences.


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