Audio Concierge Provides A Silver Service In The UK

Audio Concierge, purveyors of bespoke personal-audio solutions, are proud to announce that they are now offering the world’s finest universal in-ear monitor made of silver, the new and exclusive Vision Ears Erlkönig.

For Cologne-based Vision Ears, the Erlkönig represents the culmination of five years atop its field. For Audio Concierge founder Phil Wannell, who departed Audio Sanctuary and set up the brand, the partnership represents an opportunity to deliver an uncompromising experience to his equally uncompromising clientele.

“Our clients have the means to be perfectly discerning,” he explains, “to recognize the very best and to enjoy it. That’s exactly what the Erlkönig delivers, in performance and in style. It’s the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

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The Erlkönig joins a roster of personal-audio products curated by Audio Concierge expressly to save its clients their most important asset: time. Its agents understand the engineering behind each component in the personal-audio chain and consult with clients to identify the perfect additions to their existing systems. Clients in the City and surrounding boroughs can arrange for personal demonstrations in their homes or places of business; purchases online are able to be swiftly dispatched to clients living elsewhere in the UK.

Handcrafted in Cologne, the Erlkönig is an elegant powerhouse. A custom-engineered five-way crossover serves the Erlkönig’s thirteen drivers—four basses, four midranges, four treble, and a super tweeter. The result is a remarkably consistent response across the entire audible spectrum, enhanced by four superbly rendered listening modes. Listeners will hear their music as it was performed, engineered, and recorded: as it was meant to be heard.

All that technology rests in a beautifully designed silver shell graced by one of four interchangeable faceplates. A bespoke cable made of pure OCC silver wires connects the monitors to your choice of sources such as a smartphone or portable music player. An elegant wooden case keeps the Erlkönig safe at home, while a stylish leather case does the same on the road.

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