AUDIOALGORITHMS Announces An Advanced Mobile Marketing Solution

Imagine using sound to remotely trigger mobile phones to display engaging and captivating content. USONIQ turns that idea into reality by enabling you to deliver promotional, sponsored or informational content to mobile phones using any sound producing system that you can think of.

USONIQ is an advanced communication solution which uses inaudible sound to give you a brand-new way of connecting with mobile devices around you without having to know their IP addresses or phone numbers. USONIQ combines content distribution, seamless payments and data analytics into one powerful solution.

‚ÄčThe audio/video signal processing specialists at AUDIOALGORITHMS say their new data-over-audio solution will enhance advertising and purchasing models.

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USONIQ is a data transmission protocol which is easily embedded into your existing infrastructure and ecosystem without the need for hardware purchases or upgrades. Data is transferred completely offline using inaudible sound, and does not require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G/LTE. It is hardwareless, requiring no changes to existing systems. It requires nothing but sound, a speaker and a microphone.

AUDIOALGORITHMS LLC is a privately held company which was founded in 2011 to provide software development services to companies in the U.S. with a focus on communication applications and DSP algorithms for audio and video. AUDIOALGORITHMS specializes in the development of proprietary audio and video signal processing algorithms with a focus on communication products for mobile, desktop, web and embedded systems.

More information:

General inquiries regarding the technology or the company can be made via phone at 678-620-5542 or email at info.

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