Australian know-how taks on the US RV industry

As Australia’s leading supplier of control and power management systems to the Australian RV industry, BMPRO announces it has secured a substantial contract with one of the largest US manufacturers of RVs, Thor Motor Coach for 2019.

Whilst BMPRO has been the exclusive partner with local Australian companies such as Jayco, New Age, and Concept Caravans for over 10 years, this is an Australian first to see substantial volumes now being exported to the world’s largest RV market.

RVMaster is a RV control and monitoring system for easy management of RV features via a console or an app. The RVMaster monitors water tanks, tyre pressure, doors, windows, temperatures, propane levels and more, whilst it controls functions such as lighting, slide-outs, awnings, HVAC, generators and more. The RVMaster has a fixed console panel and also offers the flexibility of performing the same functionality by coupling with an app on the RV user’s own phone.

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It has been an exciting journey for BMPRO in adapting its technologies and capabilities learned from the Australian RV market to a product relevant and suitable for US requirements. Its’ software development team has more than doubled to tackle the project embracing rapid 3D printing prototyping, advanced Bluetooth technology, new US centric industry communication protocols and of course the ability to partner with cloud-based applications.

A new BMPRO sales and support team in the heart of the US RV market in Elkhart, Indiana with offices and warehousing has now established. First deliveries for trial installations have been shipped this month with full production expected shortly. Utilizing the state-of-the-art facility here in Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia it is exhilarating to see production ramping up knowing that very shortly we will be exporting our expertise.

As the largest manufacturer of control and power management systems in the Australian RV market, BMPRO is one of the pioneers of using digital platforms in RVs with one of the world’s largest install bases of smart power management systems. Identifying over 5 years ago an opportunity to develop a digital system that will enhance the experience of the RV user, BMPRO now has one of the world’s most advanced systems which are flexible and scalable – it’s easy to add features and sensors as the design of the RV evolves or the user decides that they wish to add features and expand their system.

CEO, Louise Bayliss, – “this is exciting times for BMPRO to now be entering the US market with such a substantial RV partner who has seen the opportunity to strategically align with BMPRO to develop and supply an RV control and monitoring system. The RVMaster is flexible in its capabilities and is customizable for each partner, which means that in such a competitive market it gives the manufacturers the ability to differentiate themselves. We don’t want to see our customers locked into a proprietary system – we want them to be able to integrate products from a range of suppliers – BMPRO will stay independent.”

“We are an independent integrator of RV products from multiple suppliers – an alternative to what many RV manufacturers are previously used to. Our focus is collaborating deeply with our customers to ensure that those who partner with BMPRO are kept at front of the market with these opportunities.”

About BMPRO: With over 50 years’ experience in power solutions combined with manufacturing and design facilities in Melbourne, Australia, we are the leading experts in RV power and control management.

Inspired by the great outdoors, we have created a range of rugged, smart and reliable products powering your adventures.

Our range of battery, power and RV management control systems gives you peace of mind when you are on the road so that you can relax in even the most far‐flung destinations, knowing you have control over your vehicle.



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