Avanseus announces release of CAN 4.0 to simplify operationalization

Avanseus announces the release of CAN 4.0 to simplify operationalization of predictive maintenance for communication and IT networks

Avanseus announces the release of 4.0 version of their Artificial Intelligence-based Cognitive Assistant for Networks (CAN). This release has market-leading innovations in areas of cross-domain correlation, algorithmic prioritization of predictions, root cause analysis, additional data source handling, etc. for more relevant predictions and enhanced productivity. The release is available from 12th of July 2019 to all customers across the globe and for new upcoming requirements.

This version of CAN is more suited for hassle-free operationalization and equipped with more intelligence and learning capability in comparison with its previous versions. The existing version CAN 3.0 is already powering the majority of telecom operators across the world with the prediction success rate of more than 75% setting a benchmark in the industry. The new release will enable the customer in easy decision making and management of their network incidents as CAN 4.0 provides meaningful and relevant inputs on the important and critical fault predictions. Hence the customers can save more time and rationalize their operations as they will be working on processed data on the probable network incidents and thereby saving their opex and logistics management costs. CAN 4.0 also provides Root Cause Analysis for the predicted fault by learning from the technical domain-based inputs along with additional field inputs to provide a highly accurate root-cause that would enable service providers to eliminate the possibilities of occurrence of such network incidents and thereby enhancing their network efficiency. The application now comes with multiple language support to meet the needs of different continents.

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CAN is the preferred prediction software of majority of telecommunication companies across the globe and holds a market share of more than 50% as on date. Known for its prediction accuracy, coverage and simplicity in integration CAN have already been through three releases earlier. The latest release CAN 4.0 is focused at field operationalization aspects for increasing the impact of implementation and to provide a better ROI to the customer.

About Avanseus

Avanseus was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Singapore with its research and development (R&D) and solution commercialization centre in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. The Company established a US entity in 2016 and has a network of partners across key global markets. Avanseus specializes in building enterprise solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. The Company’s current focus is Predictive Maintenance software, especially in the Telecom, Manufacturing and IoT sectors. It has already been granted its first US Patent and lodged 5 other Patent applications.

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Abhilash R

Head of Product Management, Avanseus

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M: + 91 9620 76 3332

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