Avocado Consulting announces 24/7 support offering for Australian customers using Splunk

Avocado Consulting today announced their on-shore 24/7 support offering for Australian Government and Enterprise customers, providing continuous, end-to-end monitoring of a customer’s operational and application environment with Splunk® Enterprise.

This support helps Splunk Enterprise customers with the day-to-day management of the software, by leveraging Avocado’s team of accredited Splunk consultants to maximize its full value and uptime.

Founded in 2004, Avocado Consulting is a veteran in the Australian IT sector and the move into operational intelligence and security was a natural evolution of their services. Over the last three years, Avocado has built a world-class practice of Splunk consultants and has won substantial government and corporate Splunk engagements spanning across multiple years. The trust clients are placing in Avocado reflects their excellent track record of delivering quality Splunk services.

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“We found our customers were keen to invest in Splunk Enterprise so we decided to launch our 24/7 service to offer a model that gives customers an affordable option to maintain and enhance their solutions post-go-live,” said Avocado’s CEO, Gerardo Barranquero.

With operational budgets shrinking, Avocado has also created a flexible payment model that can assist clients wanting to invest in Splunk Enterprise and its maintenance.

“We wanted to make it easy for clients to access our Splunk-based cloud solutions without needing to make a large capital outlay. We therefore created a flexible payment model that allows payments on a monthly basis. It’s proving to be very popular and gives our clients access to Splunk’s industry-leading platform. By combining these cost-effective funding and support models, our clients are gaining access to world-class Splunk solutions that deliver a superior customer experience in our digital and mobile age.”

“Avocado’s new support offering is exciting for our Australia-based clients because it is delivered by a team of local Splunk-accredited Avocado consultants, who focused on maximizing the value that customers get from Splunk,” said Simon Eid, Area Vice President, ANZ, Splunk. “Splunk’s mission is to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable for everyone. Avocado removes some of the traditional barriers clients face, making our platform more accessible to more businesses in the Australian market.”

Contact Avocado Consulting to learn more about their 24/7 support and flexible billing models for Splunk Enterprise.

About Avocado Consulting
Established in 2004, Avocado Consulting is an Australian technology company focused on delivering IT change and transformation for some of Australia’s largest organisations and Government agencies. Avocado specializes in applications & operations performance monitoring, DevOps, application development and project delivery. Avocado partners with global technology leaders to offer the smartest and most reliable onshore solutions.
For more information about Avocado Consulting, visit www.avocado.com.au

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