AWE Learning Partners with Wisconsin Library Services

AWE Acquisition, Inc. dba AWE Learning, is excited to announce its recent partnership with Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS). Headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, AWE Learning is the leading provider of digital learning solutions for public libraries throughout the United States and Canada. WiLS is a non-profit membership organization in the state of Wisconsin, that facilitates collaborative projects and services to save their members time and money and advance library service.

Through AWE Learning’s partnership with Wisconsin Library Services, member libraries can purchase AWE Learning’s digital learning resources at special consortium pricing. By offering AWE Learning’s Early Literacy Station™ Platinum, Bilingual Spanish Literacy Station Platinum, and AfterSchool Edge™ Platinum, young patrons will have access to more than 75 new educational software titles, spanning all STREAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math). Sara Gold, Community Liasion & Service Specialist of WiLS said, "WiLS is excited to reignite our partnership with AWE. Their products are high quality both in content and design, and the generous discounts available to our members allow WI libraries of all sizes to be able to offer Early Literacy Stations to their patrons."

AWE Learning President & CEO, Dr. Deborah B. Sorgi, said, "We are delighted to partner with Wisconsin Library Services to offer our digital learning resources to libraries across Wisconsin. This partnership aligns with our commitment to early learning, and we applaud the work that Wisconsin Library Services is doing to help grow literacy at each of the libraries within their community. We appreciate the support that WiLS offers to their members to help them turn ideas into reality."

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For more information on AWE Learning’s new products, please visit or call 888-292-0272

About AWE Learning (
AWE Learning provides comprehensive digital learning and early literacy solutions for young children in public libraries across the United States. Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community. Through our dedication to high quality, STREAM-aligned content that is easy to use, we collaborate with libraries to highlight their role as community leaders in the pursuit of learning.

About Wisconsin Library Services (
Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) is a non-profit organization that facilitates collaborative projects and services to save members time and money and advance library service, primarily in the state of Wisconsin. The mission of WiLS includes three areas: We believe libraries, cultural institutions, and their partners make the world a better place; We build relationships and provide services so they can do more with their time and money; We help our members turn ideas into action.

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