BCAST Labs launches VideoValidate using video to fight online fraud,catfishing and misrepresentation

BCAST Labs announced that it has launched today Video-Validate (“VV”), a new authentication platform that leverages video to fight online fraud, misrepresentation and cat-fishing. Concurrently BCAST is launching “VideoValidate-Recruiter”, a similarly functioning portal with additional features for recruiters and HR professionals.

VideoValidate is an Oracle cloud housed web platform that uses short-form video and location data to provide a novel new way to get an additional layer of authentication of individuals unknown that you intend to meet or engage in commerce. VideoValidate is free; browser based and does not require a user to download an app or register to use on desktop or mobile devices. You can access the VideoValidate user link and get a more detailed description of how VideoValidate works here: http://videovalidate.org.

Mike Hodge – CEO of BCAST Labs explains: “As is clear, video is now becoming a part of everyday life which will only increase with emerging 5g mobile networks. With that in mind, we created “VideoValidate™ a platform designed to enhance individual security by providing a way to make a simple request of someone you are interacting with online to provide additional authentication using a short self-deleting video with location data. Our focus groups of targeted consumers raved at the prospect of VideoValidate specifically for online users of dating sites and because it is free to use and does not require a user to download an app or register, we think the rapid growth prospects are considerable. We have also received considerable interest from recruiting firms looking for a simple and cost effective way to further vet employment candidates through the use of video. In that regard, we have created a VideoValidate portal specifically for recruiters at https://VVrecruit.com.

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Our goal is to launch VideoValidate as a stand-alone service and further to partner with and integrate VideoValidate into dating & e-commerce and other such sites/apps that could take advantage of another layer of authentication for their users and revenue share on advertising.”

VideoValidate is free to use and will be supported by an advertising model with revenue sharing opportunities with partners. The Beta Version of VideoValidate is Email only with texting becoming available at full launch January 1, 2019.

About BCAST Labs.

BCAST Labs is a cloud based mobile social broadcasting network/platform which provides “live” broadcasting capabilities to and from mobile devices, the web and smart. BCAST Labs operates as a "skunk-works" for innovative live streaming and mobile broadcast product development and is founded on the principal of using new ideas, methodologies and emerging technologies to bring live streaming video to every day life in ways historically unavailable. In this way we seek to use our streaming platform to genuinely enhance peoples lives in the areas of social media, entertainment, news, and public safety.

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