Best Cheap GoPro Gimbals for your iPhone, GoPro and camera

Professional video capturing with Trio Gimbal

Whenever it comes to professionalism, it’s either the imaginative mind or the feature-rich gadgets or sometimes the mixture of both which creates exemplary things.

Gimbalmart is a gadget company that has been launched to provide its customers with such exemplary output. By using their gimbals (video stabilizer), customers can capture beautiful videos without pushing themselves into much effort.

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Ever since its setup Gimbalmart has provided its customers with two gimbals of varying features. Their names are Trio and Uoplay, and up to this day, these gimbals have remained popular amongst the crowd for their distinct style and unique design. Gimbalmart sells and manufactures small & portable gimbals for smartphones and GoPro gimbal.

TRIO, the product and its features

Before Uoplay ever came into being, Gimbalmart was committed to developing a cheap gopro gimbal that will be easily affordable to the masses or those who wish to capture great videos. That’s how Trio gimbal emerged.

Trio is a unique gimbal with great design and lots of features that makes it stand out in comparison with other gimbals in its league.

Keeping in mind so many difficulties that videographers face during the video shoot, Gimbalmart has added lots of features that make it possible for the customer to shoot hassle-free videos by using only one hand. Trio offers:

Superb Flexibility

Surprising as it is, a camera can never be optimized fully due to its angle requirements. The body cannot always outsmart this shortcoming as sometimes an angle needs to be maintained for hours to capture a beautiful sunset, scenery, activity or such likes. Gimbalmart gimbal assures superb flexibility where the camera device can be instantly directed to without changing any angles.

Multiple Operational Modes

At times, you just have to switch your camera off, change the gadget and resume again. That’s a pretty hectic way to capture something. Whether it’s for battery or lenses or some kind of other attachment just to capture the right thing in the right way. With Gimbalmart Trio a user doesn’t have to come across such a difficulty because it has already come equipped with multiple operational modes. Customer can choose between semi-following, fully-following, and automatic modes to capture videos easily.

Compatible Hardware

Once a specific gadget has been bought it is difficult to find out its matching accessories and hardware. Trio is compatible with many hardware be it a wireless or a sports mount. The compatibility of Trio with other hardware makes it rare and extremely useful with whichever hardware a customer owns.


Trio can be extended through a stick and thread, a specialized stick which is made to raise Trio and allow videos to be recorded for self. Many cameras are not built with the purpose of selfies and self-video shoot. Only and smartphones and GoPro gives a hassle-free output. Gimbalmart’s gimbal Trio is specifically designed to support smartphone & GoPro or small video capturing gadgets. Extensibility allows it to record videos from an elevated angle which makes perfect selfie videos.

Smart Power Indication

It is more than a frustrating experience to lose the battery of your gadget all of a sudden (especially when you are engaged in some important task with it). With many gadgets nowadays it is easy to check battery life anytime but some gadgets do not provide that feature. Trio is designed with a smart power indication. It will indicate the user with tilts and gestures to plug it in for charging. It won’t stop working immediately but pronounce its future condition all the same. It is better to charge it as soon as it indicates it.

Robust Battery Backup

Trio can shoot for long hours continuously. Even after constantly shifting video angles, turning, twisting, tilting… Trio can go non-stop for 5 hours. Even when a gadget is mounted on it Trio can manage it perfectly for long hours.

Gimbalmart sells professional gimbals and its products can be found on its official website. Customers also have the option to check and feel the product at Gimbalmart store. By getting acquainted with its features a customer can be fully satisfied before buying it. Gimbalmart also sells Uoplay gimbal which is a bit upgraded than the Trio in most of the aspects. Customers can check and compare both products before buying them.

Gimbalmart has been selling gimbals for years where Trio and Uoplay stand out amongst all the others. Whether beginner or professional anyone can use a Gimbalmart gimbal hassle-free.

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