Best Selling Taxi Dispatch Softwares in 2019

When it comes to taxi dispatch system there are many solutions available in the market. As a perfect dispatch system, it should not only manage the fleets but also manage the taxi bookings.

Taxi Dispatch solution Market was valued at $199 million in 2016 and it is projected to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 18% between the period 2018-2025. Worldwide Taxi Dispatch Software Market is projected to reach $725 million by 2025. North America is the leading market for the dispatch solution. But, presently there is increased demand for this in markets like India, China, and Japan. So, a higher growth rate is expected between 2018-2025.

So, as a perfect dispatch system, it should function seamlessly without any snag. Very few solutions have all these qualities and I have analyzed and named the top 5 best selling taxi dispatch system. Factors that are taken into account apart from the above-said traits are price, scalability, performance, after sale support of vendors, and consumer friendliness.

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If you want to handle thousands of taxis, extract valuable data like mileage, tire pressure, load, distance traveled, fare in real-time, unlimited bookings, and driver commission, then SpotnRides taxi dispatch software solution is the best without any second thought. Also, SpotnRides dispatch solution is affordable when compared to the peers and their after sale support is much talked about since they provide very good service at a nominal fee. SpotnRides is the only solution provider to work with latest technologies like nodeJS, Golang, MongoDB, etc and also constantly update their solution.


Taxipulse is second in this line. They can deploy the solution within one week of purchase. The clientele base is spread over 50 countries. Real-time updates are provided in this changing environment.


They are the only company to offer cloud-based taxi service solution. The solution can also be purchased on a SaaS-based model. Their SaaS model even though it is costly, is simple and easy to use.


Unicotaxi provides a 15-day free trial. They have an automated taxi dispatch system. They offer reliable service at affordable rates. Their solution is simple and if anyone wants to use a simple solution with a small investment, then you can go for this.


Mobisoft taxi dispatch system has an advanced fully packed dispatcher panel. Their dispatcher and admin dashboard have data analytics tools that can be used to derive valuable data. This is what differentiates them from others.

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