BFX – The Revolutionary Entertainment Crypto Announces It’s Listing on Top Exchanges by Mid June

( – BFX Cryptoworks Ltd (UK) announces the listing of it’s revolutionary ICO "BFX Coin" on top exchanges by mid June, 2018. BFX Coin is a leading entertainment industry ICO that can be discreetly exchanged for entertainment products and services, and subsequently converted into fiat currency. The BFX parent company "Bluefox Motion Pictures" is in film production from 2+ years with over 50 million USD turnover and has successfully produced over 12 projects in this short time-span.

BFX could have a huge impact on the entertainment industry with a total supply of 1 billion coins on PoW/PoS Mining. BFX is using hybrid PoW+PoS censuses mechanism based on the most secure blockchain script algorithm having a blocksize of 8 MB.

BFX Crypto will be used in the entertainment, gaming & production industry along with parallel industries. BFX Coin will also be used at various merchant websites and travel eco-systems eliminating the role of middlemen between film producers/artists and viewers/fans, hotel owners & travellers etc…, thus making it beneficial for both the parties. BFX coins will also be used in multiplexes and cinema chains. The company has already tied up with travel portals, entertainment centers, online gaming platforms where users will be able to buy the products and services in exchange of the ‘BFX Coin’ starting Q3 2018.

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BFX Cryptoworks Ltd through Blue Fox Motion Pictures has invested in top "Sohail Khan Production" which is to share their revenues through motion pictures, world celeb tours and sports events. This revenue will go for backup and strengthening the BFX platform for next 3 years. The company also initiated a movie project named "The Uninvited Guest" which shall be made 50% through the local fiat and 50% through BFX payments.

"Our motto is to entertain the world," – said ‘Manu Prashant Wig’, Spokesperson for BFX. "From gaming to booking tickets for movies and from shopping to reserving tables at restaurants, BFX token will serve the purpose of entertaining each and every soul in this world through our services with the help of our own blockchain system."

With an expected market cap of approximately 50 – 80 million USD & 50,000 active users on the network, BFX is climbing the ladder to connect and explore the next wave of entertainment industry and consumers. Also the company is expanding its market continuously and setting up a 5 megawatt mining set in Tbilisi, Georgia. All global entertainment merchants are also invited to sign up!!.

Also BFX Cryptoworks developed a multicoin mobile app where, along with BFX, users can trade and hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The BFX Cryptoworks app can be downloaded on Google Play.

If you are in media and entertainment, you have to closely monitor and possibly experiment or invest in BFX Blockchain Innovation, if you haven’t done so yet. Otherwise, you could be left behind. To know more about BFX Coin please visit their website or contact them via e-mail at info (at)

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