Bianor – Growing Sales Presence in the US

Ivan Dimitrov, CEO of Sofia base Bianor ( announced its plans to expand its sales presence in the US and Northern Hemisphere. After success in building heavy-duty technical teams for the biggest US telcos, Bianor is bringing on Louis Lewow to head its US sales initiative. Lewow is an experienced consultant and technical sales.

“For the past three years, Bianor has proved its value in collaborating with top-notch professional teams. We’ve built and operated result-oriented engineering teams for the biggest telco companies internationally. We design, develop and operate end-to-end digital video solutions and we continually prove to be a trusted and worthy software partner on mission-critical defense projects. Now it’s time to capitalize on that.”, said Dimitrov.

Louis Lewow is Chief Executive Officer at LMGI, The Lewow Media Group, Inc. in Atlanta. He has been consulting on marketing and footprint/distribution expansion FITE TV – the leading all combat sports application and tv network, Flipps – the white label app-based OTT platform, and several digital TV networks with diverse programming formats (independent music, classic TV, and others). Louis has more than 10 years of experience in technical sales and consulting in all things IPTV. Including application development, content acquisition, advertising, footprint and distribution, expansion through mobile devices, OTT platforms, STB’s., Android, cable TV, satellite TV, etc.

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“I am excited to be working directly with Bianor. It is a software company with unique capacities – it has the engine of a fine-tuned technical team, and the know-how of video streaming experts. Bianor also has a successful history of working in the US market, so it is the perfect time to make our capabilities and capacities more available to future technical partners.” shared Lewow.

“With Louis coming on board, we look forward to expanding our presence and reach in the US market,” adds Ivan.

About Bianor: Bianor is an authority on video software services and is dedicated to helping businesses take full advantage of technology. The company provides end to end software services in the video segment. Bianor has earned its expertise through 17+ years of projects executed worldwide and ranging from CSP-grade back-end services to mobile application development. * Experience in video solutions development since 2002 Award-winning product iMediaShare allows streaming and control of multimedia content from smartphone or internet to home entertainment systems using only Wi-Fi connectivity. In the past few years, Bianor has partnered with companies like Fite, Flipps, Sports on Tap, Sunbird, Duracell, Selex ES, Maximus with more to be announced. For more details – visit or call us at 770-617-6335, email: [email protected]

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