Biometrica Systems, Inc Launches eMotive – a Real-time Criminal Background Checking System

eMotive uses face recognition and text algorithms for accuracy and relevancy. It will give an alert to the authorized company’s personnel if employees have potentially been arrested.

Biometrica Systems, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in tracks crime and criminals. Currently, the company is introducing its newest product, named eMotive the Facial Recognition. It integrated with a 24×7 Near Real-Time Criminal Background Check. eMotive helps business owners or organizations to prevent insider offenses. The advantage of this software is, it can track and monitor the criminal background of the employees and volunteers in almost real-time. The software is able to check the employees’ criminal background with an integrated & secure platform that connected to the law enforcement databases. It means that the system is able to check whether employees have potentially been arrested. Not only for employees, but it can also be used for contractors, volunteers, vendors, customers in real-time and keep them safe.

The industry faces many challenges when it comes to hiring quality employees and maintaining them. Employee theft is one of the problems that must be sought the solution. In 2018, over $38 million was recovered from dishonest employees in the retail industry. Although the wisest job interview does not guarantee potential crimes in job applicants, there are several ways to prevent employee theft. One of them is performing criminal background checks to make sure the company starts with the best employees possible. Knowing a candidate’s quality is not an easy task, but knowing a candidate’s background can be the most significant indicator of their ability to work with integrity and honesty. Screening the applicant’s criminal history and work history for certain incidents that indicate such behavior is the only way to find out their true nature.

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Biometrica Systems, Inc. creates eMotive as a solution for monitoring criminal background. It allows an organization to upload a list of employees or any persons they want to monitor. It is used with their written permission, and upload it into an encrypted silo that sits beneath Biometrica’s 100% law-enforcement sourced multi-jurisdictional criminal databases, such as FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners).

“ eMotive is a unique platform. It is continuously providing criminal background information about individuals who use data verified by law enforcement. The platform is combined with face recognition to increase accuracy and relevancy,” said Kevin King, Biometrica’s Director of Product Architecture.

“Our algorithms run searches against both text and facial recognition parameters to prevent false positives. Every point of the process is tracked and can be reproduced for legal, judicial, or audit purposes,” said Wyly Wade, Biometrica CEO.

About Biometrica Systems, Inc.

Biometrica Systems, Inc. is a Nevada and Arizona-based technology company. They create software and system for minimizing criminality. eMotive is beneficial for the organization, offices, campuses, malls, hospitals, hotels, and banks. eMotive can be used as simple as creating an account, uploading employee images, and waiting for notifications. For more information, please visit

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