Blockchain App Factory is A New Revolution in Blockchain Technology

The digital world has started to recognize the value that the blockchain brings to the world of technology and disrupts the industries that are dependent on centralized servers. The world has come to understand the importance of data security with the recent leaks and breaches with banks, credit agencies, and social media websites. However, the opportunities of blockchain have been constrained to the cryptocurrency market. Many companies have come up with their ICOs as a way of crowdfunding with their coins/tokens.

Blockchain App Factory has distinguished themselves from the current blockchain development companies who concentrate only on crypto-market. Also, Blockchain App Factory, primarily a cryptocurrency development company is working on creating technologies for Multilevel Marketing and ATM software using Blockchain Technology. They have even started working on IoT with Blockchain.

The digital world (leaving aside blockchain enthusiasts) cannot differentiate between blockchain and cryptocurrency. People have misconstrued the difference between the blockchain as technology and cryptocurrency as an asset.

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There are two groups formed in the blockchain community;

  • Highly Optimistic
  • Profoundly Pessimistic.

Blockchain App Factory is confident about the technology differentiating blockchain and cryptocurrency by making efforts in decentralizing on-demand apps.

Blockchain App Factory’s main strength lies in :

They currently service 50+ clients in their end-to-end customized technical and marketing solutions. However, the restriction imposed by countries on cryptocurrency is allowing Blockchain App Factory to go beyond cryptocurrency and use the blockchain technology on systems we use in our day-to-day basis.

Even before the cryptocurrency bubble began, Blockchain App Factory had begun the work on the development of cryptocurrency and wallets. Now, they are having a futuristic outlook on making decentralized on-demand apps, MLM Software, ATM software and IoT with Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain has a potential role in safety and security in the Healthcare, Banking & Financial Institutions, Insurance, Education, Gaming and many other industries. Blockchain App Factory is adapting and evolving to the requirements to the above-mentioned industries in the blockchain.

Therefore, this will change people’s outlook on other applications of the blockchain, rather than only being restricted to cryptocurrency usage.

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