Blockchain-based Game to Save the Endangered Pandas

Blockchain-based game Fortunepandas aims to save the endangered pandas through gamification of charity and reward process. It’s a game of luck with at highest 2000 cute pandas as an instrument of the prize draw. Each panda is stored in the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC 721 NFT token. Those who will participate in feeding these pandas will get a chance to earn large prizes as a reward.

Pandas have been on the endangered list for many years, but there are not many opportunities for people to participate in animal welfare. The increasing amount of time dedicated to personal entertainment has also lessened the time of engaging in charitable activities. Fortunepandas seeks to solve these problems by bringing an innovative chance in animal welfare and preservation of endangered animals such as the giant panda.

Pandas as NFT tokens:

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The number of tokens corresponds to the number of pandas existing in the real world. Fortunepandas did this to improve people’s awareness of the protection of giant pandas and other nearly extinct animals. There is NO breeding the game to prevent inflation of NFT tokens. If the number of tokens is higher than the number of buyers, the price of the token will undoubtedly drop. For preventing this, Fortunepandas has introduced an anti-inflation auction and very limited number of Pandas in their system. The game’s pandas are not only extremely rare collectibles but also a steady money-making tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How to participate:

Individuals who want to join in the game are required to have a computer running the Firefox or Chrome desktop version and a MetaMask digital wallet. All digital transactions in the game will be conducted with an Ethereum contract account. Users also need a certain number of Ethers to join. They can only use only a minimum of 0.25ETH to save the panda from the dark wizard the fictional villain character of the game. Those who are participating in the feeding activity are called Panda Keeper and can enjoy a high return on investment. Owning a panda will make them a Panda Master. Pandas can be acquired through the presale auction, and Panda Marketplace. Panda Masters will always get a fair share each time their pandas are fed and participate in “fed full lucky draw.” Those who will get a panda through the presale auction will be called Master and Savior of the panda they bought. If they sell their panda, they will lose their Master designation but retain their Savior title.

Those who were not able to win the bid during the presale auction will get their ETH automatically refunded. They will also receive an additional 20% of the bid as participation reward. Participants will get FPC rewards whether or not they get a panda in the end. The FPC is the coin used in the game for sharing the profits made through the system with the participators.

Bamboo being the lowest costing participation tool in the system will be sold to a large number of customers. But the return of investment would vary from the absolute winner of the system, the Pandas. Pandas will act as a stable and enduring money yielding investment.

Rewards for the participators:

Panda Keepers can buy bamboo to feed any pandas. They will get a lottery number for each panda they feed. A lucky draw will start when the pandas are fed full. After the draw is announced, the prize pool will be divided into four distinct divisions. Jackpot winner with a participation of a minimum amount of 0.01ETH on a 100ETH panda will stand to win 60ETH.

Panda Masters will be the individuals who will acquire a Panda through the presale auction or from the Panda Marketplace. Masters will have a fixed and steady income of twenty percent of the prize pool. And at the same time, they will also earn shares from holding FPC.

Not to let down the average masses the fortunepandas introduced consolation prizes of ten percent of the prize pool to a few participators. After the lucky draw is conducted, the rewards will be distributed automatically with Ethereum smart contract.

Fortunepandas ambition to introduce charity through gamification:

What fortunepandas is trying to accomplish is going to revolutionary for the blockchain based charity organizations. The present charity organizations are being neglected due to lack of time of masses and the gap of understanding the necessity of the rare species. The team envisions the gamified charity model introduced in fortunepandas will raise a small amount through their game and donate it to individual animal welfare organizations through smart contract. But most of the money raised through the game will be returned to the participators. Thus, creating an enduring charity and award system.

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