Burly Forays into Indian Home Appliances Market with Green Coolers

We are worried about the freshness in Outdoor Air at our Home, but what about our Indoor Air Freshness and Quality? Mosquito and Coolers are coexistent and are a source of many dreaded diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Likewise, Particulate Matter in our room air poses a great threat to our health and wellbeing. Burly Home Appliances, a new entrant in Indian Home Appliances Market has introduced Green Coolers fitted with PM 2.5 Filters and Mosquito resistant Nylon Nets and Collapsible louvers. The cooler gives Nature-ly cooling and freshness and resists the growth and proliferation of mosquitos.

The company has also introduced Hybrid Cool Technology with its cooler for more efficient cooling during high ambient temperature in April and May.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of coolers, Mr. Chandra Prakash Shrivastav, Founder, Director and CEO of the company said, "BHA is a Conglomerate of Technological Excellence, Quality Assurance, Environment Friendliness and Value for money. Product Innovation, Development, and Timely Deliverance will be the hallmark for BHA. BHA Team is also Backed by some Acclaimed Names in the Industry and Seasoned Operators." Mr. Shrivastav himself is a rich resource with great experience of Air Cooler Industry from Kenstar, a leading brand in Cooler Industry for decades.

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Mr. Chandra Prakash Shrivastav also said, "We are now in the Process of Building a Strong Network with Excellent and Productive Channel Partners." BHA has launched two series in its cooler range called Fresh Breeze and Cold Breeze. The series contains Desert Coolers with 100 ltr, 75 Ltr and 55 Ltr, Window with 55 Ltr, Tower with 25 Ltr, 35 Ltr and 50 Ltr and Kitchen Cooler with 10 Ltr tank capacities. Burly Desert Cooler with 18-inch fan blade gives a strong breeze at the rate of 5500 cu.mtr. / hr which can cool all the corners of the room. The coolers also have channel water distribution system for uniform and efficient cooling.

BHA has also taken care of post-sale service need with a capability to provide service to 12000 plus PIN CODE locations. As per Mr. Chandra Prakash "The Complaints are a matter of just one call to the call center and response within 24 Hrs. BHA also provides a unique1-2-3 warranty to its coolers".

Speaking on the Roadmap for Burly Home Appliances Mr. Chandra Prakash informed "BHA is not a cooler company only. The company plans to launch a host of home appliances like Washing Machines, Geysers, Water Dispensers, Refrigerators, Airconditioners in times to come. Efficiency and Economy of Operation, Environment Friendliness, Innovation, and Value for Money will be the main ingredients in these categories as well. You can be “Always at Home” with Burly Home Appliances."

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