Carbon Monoxide Deaths and Home Generators

Safe Emissions Systems introduced Clean Air Muffler’s at Florida International University, an industry-leading technology that protects portable generator users against carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. The technology eliminates, 99% of the carbon monoxide on ALL home portable generators and small gasoline powered engines.

"Generators must always be operated outdoors, away from windows, doors and vents with the exhaust pointed away from people and occupied buildings," said Robert Aratari, President of Safe Emissions Systems. C.A.M.S. mufflers ensures that even when a generator is operated close to an open window or door, carbon monoxide will not become a danger.

S.E.S. believes that with our Patented technology we are eliminating the problem at the source providing the only real solution to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from all gasoline powered engines.

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Documented testing shows that running a generator as far away as 25 feet can still produce lethal amounts of deadly carbon monoxide gas in a home through any opening door, window, or under the eve of the home. the average generator emits the same carbon monoxide levels as 450 idling cars.

ā€œClean Air Mufflers eliminates the danger of carbon monoxide build-up when portable generators are used as recommended by the manufacturer, by reducing the carbon monoxide output to the same level as a natural gas burning stove used to cook a family dinner.ā€ Atari said.

Not only is it an effective safety device, the technology is reliable, tamper-resistant, maintenance-free and cost-effective. Safe Emissions Systems has thoroughly tested the CAMS device by being the only Bolt-On product to be verified by a EPA/CARB ISO-9000 Laboratory confirming the 99’1% reduction of carbon monoxide.

Clean Air Mufflers IS the only product used and endorsed by Police and Fire departments all over the USA for over ten years, "Aratari stated".

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