Cards Against Animation Is Now A Thing

The evil minds behind the viral sensation “Cards Against Disney” are back at it, just in time for the holiday season. This time, it’s your favorite cartoons such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick & Morty and South Park that they have gone after, just to name a few.

Based on the popular concept created by Cards Against Humanity, this unofficial parody game is very much for adults only with a wicked sense of humor. Some example cards include “Marge getting ‘yellow girl’ wasted”, “Chef’s chocolate salty balls” and “an overly thorough prostate exam from Dr. Hartman” just to name but a few of the over 1300 total cards.

The cards have been designed to fit seamlessly in with your other cards, and the game is available immediately as a download to print and play. That makes it the ideal last-minute gift this holiday season for any fan of the many shows included in the game.

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The game is available for purchase at for only $9.95.

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