Centilytics 2.0 features, the most demanding trend, Automation

Centilytics, announced their version 2.0 with advanced features like automation, utilization tracker, Azure EA RI planner, policy-based access control and compliance filter.

Tagging is one of the most tedious operational overheads for enterprises, there is a huge demand for platforms that can automate this process. The need for eliminating the manual effort to add or update tags for untagged, mis-tagged resources as well as delete the same is one of the major features added in Centilytics 2.0 to its cost allocation module.

“Automation” is driving the next wave of transformation in cloud management platforms (CMPs).

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“The cloud computing landscape has evolved, and as enterprises continue to integrate multi-cloud adoption, there would soon be a disruption in their management strategy, multiplying the overall complexity of it. We are focusing on addressing the complexity part with multi-cloud management and automation as our baseline to get ahead in this niche market.” – Aditya Garg, CEO, Centilytics

In addition to automation features, now users can also leverage Centilytics 2.0’s new utilization tracker to get insights into key logs and metrics like CPU utilization, disk reads and more. The tracker makes sure that not even a single resource is left unnoticed and. Tracking all the resources across your cloud infrastructure is going to help you identify the misused resources and take steps to remediate.

Another interesting feature that Centilytics came up within their release was the policy-based access control that lets the authorized user take control of all the accounts – whether to give these accounts full access, restricted access or deny any access to cloud infrastructure.

In Microsoft Azure cloud, enterprises are switching from pay-as-you-go to Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) to save a considerable amount of money. Centilytics has therefore brought the RI planner feature for Azure EA users to help them save up to 70% of their cloud cost. This feature gives insights into which reserved instances (RIs) are left unused or are expiring so that the user can sell it in the marketplace. Azure EA RI Planner also recommends preferred instances reservations to make based on the previous usage.

Last but not the least

Since new measures are always required to maintain security and health of cloud infrastructure, Centilytics’ “Compliance Filter” allows their users to filter security and health checks based on compliances.


Centilytics, a Silicon Valley-based company, started off very young as a summer experiment from the ground up, now is a Stanford-based StartX accelerated company with a global clientele base. The organization is headquartered in the US and has an R&D Center in India.

Centilytics is a fully-automated SaaS solution that sits on top of public clouds to help organizations with the management and control of their infrastructure. It is an intelligent cloud management platform that enables public cloud users to Gain 360-degree visibility, Identify loopholes and, Deploy one-click fixes on their cloud infrastructure.

Running into cloud management problems? Schedule a quick conversation with a cloud expert to see how you can leverage Centilytics to make your cloud journey a little bit easier. Book a demo or start a 3-month free trial now.

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