ClanPlay and Stox Partner to Predict How Gamers Trade

Tel-Aviv based ClanPlay, is introducing a new marketplace for services inside games (in-game actions) where anyone can pay players to take actions inside games. The marketplace will create a new meritocratic system where skill in games is financially valuable at large and any awesome gamer, including the +25% unbanked worldwide, can earn by playing.

Today the two companies announced a partnership in which users of the Stox platform will be able to predict trends in the Good Game Marketplace and win rewards.

’We’re excited to partner with Stox, and engage their gaming-savvy audience with our token sale. We believe the harnessing the Stox platform with it’s ‘wisdom of the crowd’ will help us achieve our financial goals and enhance our community.’’ says ClanPlay CEO, Leonard Frankel.

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Some of the things the Good Game Marketplace will offer are Direct Discovery Campaigns in which developers plot a rewarded journey for players to engage with their games; and tournaments, where any action inside games can become a winning criterion and ‘game triathlons’ can be formed with automatic distribution of prizes, across multiple games and even multiple platforms. Such tournaments would make for a lucrative advertising media as they could attract massive audiences and form unique entertainment opportunities.

Niv Abramovich, CMO of Stox, commented on the partnership, ’’Stox is excited to partner with ClanPlay as their product is able to innovate the gaming space in favor of gamers around the world. As a Marketer, I can personally appreciate the value ClanPlay can give to online marketers, as they are bringing a true revolution to game advertising.’’

Before launching the Good Game project, ClanPlay has become the highest rated app for gamers with 4.8 stars rating and 1.5m users. The company was formed 2 years ago and raised equity investments from games industry leaders, as well as government grants for technological innovation.

ClanPlay has developed the infrastructure for this marketplace and now turns to private supporters to fund further development by selling a portion of the tokens being issued. The project is gaining traction, with multiple game companies joining as future advertisers and thousands of followers added to the project every day.

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