Coinchase Speaks at Mars Blockchain Summit in NYC

  • Coinchase is a community-focused Blockchain Crowdfunding platform which aims to assist high-quality projects to raise funds during their Public Sale stage through its global and large Blockchain-minded community. It is a Blockchain project that brings innovations to the table, compared to other existing crowdfunding platforms, such as the ‘Break and Return” policy, an unprecedented member’s benefit which could be simply described as the “money back guarantee of the Blockchain’. Also, being a member of Coinchase does not cost a thing.

On October 18th, 2018, Coinchase took part in a high-profile event in New York City named Mars Blockchain Summit NYC “Seeking the Power of a Turning Point”. As the global financial center, New York has a profound influence on Blockchain’s policy regulation, secondary market, and trend for Blockchain derivatives. This unrivaled event was hosted by Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, co-hosted by Liaoyuan, Crypto Capital, Redbank Capital and Sharp Eye Capital.

The summit invited senior representatives from Wall Street, Nasdaq, digital-asset exchanges and academic institutions with the intention to generate in-depth discussions on Blockchain regulations, stable-coins, secondary market, tokenomics, governance, next generation of public chain and other concurrent topics on cryptocurrency. The organizers also invited top blockchain projects and token funds to participate in the roadshow, and Coinchase had the honor to be invited.

Mr. Daniel Rufini, the CMO of Coinchase, spoke about the main issues Blockchain projects face in their very early stages, such as their difficulties in finding real supporters and marketing their ideas in a global scale, as well as the issues faced by the users on how to identify valuable global projects that have higher chances to be successful for them to support.

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Coinchase is in its initial stages but has already attracted over 150,000 platform users and more than 500,000 Telegram followers amongst its accounts. It has already become the leader in the industry. The project has received the support of several world-renowned institutional investors such as Crypto Capital, as well as it has gathered some of the industry’s tycoons to be part of its board of advisors, such as Ms Aurora Wong, Mr Chuan Shi and Miodrag Kole Kostić.

Coinchase plans on launching its platform token, the CCH Token sometime during the next three months. As a new project in its initial stages, Coinchase is still selecting reputable institutional and retail investors for the remaining seed and private rounds.

Find out more about Coinchase by visiting where you will also find all the project’s social media.

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