Coinnup Launches Paymaz – A Full-featured Licensed Crypto Exchange

Coinnup, the blockchain-powered fintech and e-commerce platform has launched Paymaz, a full-featured, licensed cryptocurrency exchange. Paymaz is now accepting applications for token and coin listings.

Paymaz is an alternative financial ecosystem that is powered by the blockchain technology and features a debit card, universal wallet, POS network, B2B & B2C payment gateways and Fiat Central (that allows seamless fiat-to-crypto and vice versa transactions), apart from a crypto exchange.

Paymaz has obtained the relevant licenses to operate a full-featured crypto exchange from the Estonian authorities and is now accepting listing queries and Expressions of Interest from interested parties for listing of tokens and coins.

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Tayyab Rahman, Co-founder and CEO of Coinnup said on the occasion, “We had a vision when we started and with the help of a dedicated team and a passionate community that believes in our vision, we are achieving all the milestones that we had set ourselves. We had promised to create an MVP before our ICO and we have already done that. Now, with a working crypto exchange, we are head and shoulders above our competition.”

The Paymaz ecosystem that will be powered by the PMZ token, is a comprehensive platform that allows all transactions and activities of the crypto lifecycle – from listings, trading to using crypto assets in daily transactions and for business transactions as well.

While many other blockchain powered platforms provide a few options for crypto transactions, the user has to invariably end up taking the help of multiple platforms to complete all the transactions in the crypto lifecycle. With Paymaz, however, the user can perform all of the transactions on a single, reputed and robust platform that is easy to use, extremely intuitive, highly secure and technologically advanced.

The Paymaz exchange uses some ingeniously created proprietary technology. The Smart Sync Supported Crypto, for example, will allow users to trade from the exchange, desktop, or mobile wallets. Exchange wallets will be protected with industry-standard-level security. Balances will remain in sync across all wallets, providing instant trades on available pairs. Users will not be required to keep cryptocurrency on the exchange wallet.

Using the Swift Swap, powered by the Coinnup Swift Swipe Protocol, users can trade from available pools or pairs and can select any two cryptocurrencies to trade as well as a destination wallet. The underlying protocol layer will process the transactions and send the currency into any wallet that users will nominate at the time of the transaction. The Coinnup Tech Stack allows the platform to add any currency pairs for trading. Trading will also be available in multiple languages – English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The Exchange will charge competitive rates as commissions and listing fees.

To know more about the Paymaz platform and how it is set to revolutionize traditional finance, please see our White Paper at –

You can also send listing queries and Expression of Interest to [email protected]

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