Companies should act now in early 2019 to reap blockchain’s benefits next year, survey reveals

A new study has revealed that companies should act this year to reap blockchain’s benefits in early 2020. The survey was conducted by Deqode solutions, a solutions company focused on the blockchain.

The report says that 78% of respondents believe that it’s time for them to start implementing blockchain technology, and most of them see the benefits being reaped in 2020.

The organizations consider their knowledge of blockchain technology to be in the Excellent to Expert range. According to the survey, the majority of decision-makers are still investigating the technology and comparing vendors, and 72% of respondents claim that they have a viable blockchain use case.

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Latha Sharma, CMO at Deqode, said, "Blockchain implementation is different for every organization, so it’s important for business leaders to have a unified idea of what their integration will look like, and when it would start returning ROI. This survey was a step in the same direction. This was supposed to be an internal survey for our strategy team, but we decided to release some of its observations for the general public."

To prepare the study, the researchers surveyed 158 senior-level decision makers employed in the fields of marketing, IT, operations and working in different industry verticals.

Earlier this year, a TD Bank survey revealed that 90 per cent of treasury and finance professionals think that blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) will positively affect the payments industry.

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