Crime Stoppers International Begins Expansion into Asia

The 40th Annual Crime Stoppers Conference will take place in Singapore

The 40th Annual Crime Stoppers Conference will take place in Singapore from the 14th to the 16th of October 2019. Under the theme “Cyber Crime…Partnerships to Mitigate cyber threats and digitally-enabled crime” the conference will discuss the evolution of cybercrime, new trends, traditional forms of crime which are being enabled and will determine public-private partnership actions that must be taken to tackle these threats.

Conference sessions will include in-depth looks at cyber crime in the context of wildlife trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, illicit smuggling and more. By exposing the ever-evolving new technologies used by illicit networks to commit cyber crime, the CSI Conference will highlight new ways in which crime networks are using technology to advance illegal activities. High profile speakers and experts will discuss effective ways in which law enforcement, businesses and crime-fighting organizations like Crime Stoppers can work together to share and analyze information. Conference Chairman Devrol Dupigny says: “It is only by combining resources and knowledge to form strong, sustainable partnerships that we can understand, mitigate and minimize the role of cyber in enabling illicit financial flows, money laundering and by extension facilitating crimes such as wildlife trade, human trafficking, illicit trade and more. It is important that we use this opportunity to begin an important conversation on how businesses, organizations, and individuals can use partnerships and skill-sharing to get a step ahead of cybercriminals to prevent crimes before they happen.”

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Crime Stoppers International has secured a number of well-known speakers and experts in the field of cybercrime, including Paul Dwyer – one of the world’s foremost experts on cybersecurity, risk, and privacy.

Other confirmed speakers include Ambassador Bruce Concepcion – Special Envoy for Transnational Crime, Julia Davidson – Professor of Criminology, University of East London and Matt Friedman – CEO of Mekong Club. The sterling line-up of speakers will delve into the latest cybercrime trends – how to identify them, how to protect against them and ultimately, the importance of creating partnerships and alliances that will mitigate the risks of cybercrime.

Delegates are also invited on an exclusive guided tour the INTERPOL Global Complex, which boasts a cutting-edge research and development facility that aims to equip the world’s police with the tools, technology, and knowledge to tackle the crime threats of the 21st century.

Tickets to the event are limited. To secure your seat at the Crime Stoppers International Conference please visit

Press Office Contacts: Interviews with speakers and CSI contacts are available to the press on request. Please email [email protected]

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