CrmXchange Announces Upcoming Customer Support Webcast Schedule

CrmXchange, celebrating over 1000 online webcasts and a leading online information resource for customer care/contact center professionals, announces a series of free educational events to address these vital issues. The schedule includes webcasts on topics such as AI, Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement, Speech Analytics, RPA and WFM. All webcasts are complimentary.

September 12th – The 10 Steps to Building a KM Program that Works – Verint

Companies have no shortage of information. In fact, there is so much content scattered in different places, that it can be nearly impossible to find what is needed in the moment. Organizations need organized knowledge management (KM). But how does one actually build a knowledge management program that is set up for success? On this webinar learn the 10 steps to building a KM program that works, how to set up a single source of the truth for all users across all channels and how to measure your success throughout your efforts.

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September 24th – Employee Engagement – The Hidden Secret to Customer Engagement – RingCentral

A recent Aberdeen study revealed that successful customer interactions have more influence on customer satisfaction than any other factor—including product features and pricing. So how do you build better customer interactions?

Experts now believe employee engagement may hold the key to CX success. In particular, when companies give employees tools to improve communication and collaboration, they become more invested in the organization, which can double customer satisfaction rates when compared to others in their industry. Join this webcast to learn how employee engagement influences CX programs.

September 25th – How to Build a Speech Analytics Program [A Workshop] – CallMiner

A strong relationship is built on knowing your customer wants and needs. Analytics will help you get to the root of their desires. You’ve been hearing for years about what analytics can do for your company. There are so many options – it’s hard to determine what’s real and what’s not. But, do any of the analytics webcasts and white papers discuss HOW you put together an analytics program. Join this workshop as we take you through the critical components you need to consider.

  • Goals: How to define and prioritize
  • Data Collection: What information do you need, what do you have, what are you missing
  • Staff: How do you get the right departments involved and who needs to be included
  • Reporting: Who gets reports, report formats, reactions to new information

After 60 minutes you will leave with an outline of steps required for a successful program.

October 3 – Best Practices Panel– Seamless Customer Experience – Combining AI, VA with Live Agents – NICE inContact and Verint

In a recent international study, two-thirds of consumers said they believe customer service online and via mobile devices needs to be faster and more intuitive. This panel discusses a strategy that provides the greatest potential to enhance customer relationships.

October 16 – Attended Robots Improve Productivity and Agent Engagement – NICE and DMG Consulting, LLC

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market. Software robots are improving the effectiveness, quality, and satisfaction of employees by automating tedious, repetitive and low-value tasks that slow them down. Join this webcast to learn about how to use RPA to improve your customer experience while enhancing employee engagement. We will: explain what RPA is and present top use cases in the contact center, discuss the impact of RPA on employees and provide best practices for implementing RPA.

October 17th – Workforce Planning in a Digital World – Genesys

Planning for multi-skill, multi-site, and multi-channel contact centers is a difficult math problem. Each channel and each skill has different demand profiles, each agent has different efficiencies associated with each skill and channel, and handle times vary by location. Further, in order to staff accurately, each combination of skill, channel, and center location require different math models. In this webcast, we discuss the different methods for modeling these complex operations, and tips for improving contact center plans.

About CrmXchange

CrmXchange is the premiere destination for information on customer relationship management solutions, including customer interaction best practices, CRM, CX programs, training, and other valuable industry resources. To view the full schedule of upcoming webcasts for the year and to register for individual sessions, visit:

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