Crux Labs telephony powers Diabetes Singapore’s Education & Care Centres

Home-grown startup Crux Labs, announced the successful deployment of their telecom product, Crux LX, at Diabetes Singapore (DS). A palm-sized smart device, Crux LX is able to unify communication across voicemails, landlines and mobile devices anywhere. Just one powerful product enables organisations like DS to manage up to 250 users and 20 concurrent calls, making their communication system easy to use and cost-efficient, while providing an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

Diabetes Singapore is a non-profit organization and a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) that has 3 centres and a mobile van. Diabetes is a long-term illness and according to industry estimates, in Singapore, one out of nine people aged 18 to 69 are diabetic. DS aims to increase awareness of its programs and expand its outreach, while at the same time reduce their operating costs. The communication system at various DS centers operated in isolation and did not allow cross-location collaboration. This prevented DS from providing patients a comprehensive view of its offerings across all of their locations.

Crux LX as a solution has now given a common communication platform between DS centres, mobile van and remote staff, that improves their reach, provides seamless access and delivers an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

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Small and medium-sized businesses like DS require cost-effective collaboration solutions that can facilitate easier communication and better connection internally and with customers but does not burden them with a need for an in-house IT team or create expensive vendor dependencies to manage such a solution. Current unified communication solutions involve either a high cost of acquisition or high monthly rentals with incremental feature cost. Hence, the involved complexity and costs make such solutions unattractive for SMBs.

Crux LX simplifies the consumption of this complex technology, without comprising functionality – such that it is as simple as configuring a wireless router, but is also the most cost-effective solution, cheaper than cloud-based PBX service providers.

“I had a very specific need for a telephony system for my organization. The only available solution was Crux LX. It turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product on the market. It has significantly enabled us to increase our distribution reach.”, said Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore. Adding further, he said “With the Crux LX solution, our staff just punches in 3-digit numbers to call colleagues across our locations without incurring any call costs. I am also able to stay connected to my office lines even when I am at home in the evenings. This has not only enabled better collaboration across our centres but also helped us reduce monthly telecom rental and call charges by over 30%”.

Working with a VWO such as DS has given Crux Labs founder Rohit Gupta a deeper understanding of the challenges and considerations they face. He says “It is a shame that even in current digital age, 47 per cent of on-premise communication systems sold every year, continue to be based on old analogue technology and that lack collaboration features. They are sold largely to SMBs. We are very happy that we were entrusted with the opportunity to serve Diabetes Singapore. Through this deployment, our product is touching the lives of many in Singapore. It is very satisfying to see DS draw benefits from using our product.”.

About Crux Labs

Crux Labs is a Singapore-based technology startup focused on building IT products that simplify technology, in an innovative yet cost-effective way, using open-source software and hardware. Crux Labs’ first product, Crux LX, is an effective alternative to complex and expensive telephony. This makes it an ideal choice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) globally. In January 2018, Crux LX became one of the 26 successful hardware-based crowd-funded ideas on Kickstarter from Singapore, and one of the very few in a B2B segment.

About Diabetes Singapore

Diabetes Singapore’s mission is to raise awareness and to provide education, counselling and support to people with diabetes, their families and the community in order to empower them to lead a healthy and productive life.

Media Contacts

Please direct all media and analyst questions to [email protected] or speak with Rohit Gupta, Founder – Crux Labs, at +65 6401 3357.

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