Cybersec Conclave 2018; India’s Largest Cyber Security Conference To Be Held In Mumbai

Organised by the Bharat Niti, Cybersec Conclave 2018 will represent the largest event of India in the domain of cybersecurity. This platform is a colossal collective professional community comprising of various cybersecurity experts, start-ups in Asia and researchers to address threats in cyberinfrastructure or challenges the businesses are facing in the IoT. An estimated 10,000+ visitors from 81 countries are expected to show up at the event.

The conclave is a community that has strengthened the relationships between corporates, security community, government, defence establishments as well as the PSUs. While the IT infrastructure has huge data involved in their business, it is a considerable risk to the companies in terms of hacking. The community formed is a big way to understand cybersecurity and the way companies can get out of cyber risks.

The Cybersec Conclave 2018 comprises of the senior management across various domains which need to have a good hold on this field and invest in security improvements. The conclave is India’s largest event that will focus on understanding the best practices to control and mitigate the cyber risks.

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The Cybersec Conclave 2018 would be an opportunity to network with professionals at various levels. Right from the seniors to the associates, it comprises of everyone who aims to work in the cybersecurity and cross function technologies. The senior members of the conclave involve CEOs, Chief information offers, Chief compliance officers, chief security officers, directors of the digital transformation and IT security, IT Head, enterprise security architects, threat and other cybersecurity leaders.

The conclave gives the organizations and participants an opportunity to speak. This will allow members to showcase their organization to the group of seniors and officials present there. Cybersec Conclave 2018 is known for its personal exposure as well as a learning source by the industry experts who would be sharing their company’s success stories.

The Cyber Security Industry

The Cybersecurity industry has grown as big as $ 96.3 billion. By 2019, the estimates show that the total business spending on the security industry will be as large as 75% of the security software and hardware products. This percentage has risen from 63% in 2016 as per the mentions of Gartner.

In 2018, the government in India has almost doubled its allocation of Digital India initiative supporting the cyber-physical systems. They have directed a high focus on cybersecurity. This year has seen the release of multiple cybersecurity frameworks as well as the necessary country-specific regulation polities. The industry has emphasized more on the need for efficient monitor and detection of risks in the workplace.

Speakers at the Cybersec Conclave 2018

Speakers in the session are Ajit Hatti, the co-founder of Null – Open Security Community; Melanie Oldham, the founder and CEO of Bob’s Business Information Security Awareness, Training and Education and Sanjay Sahay, the chief of police of three districts namely Raichur, Mandya and Chamrajnagar among others.

The event will finally take place on 26th to 28th November 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

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