Deedcoin Simplifying Real Estate with DEED Token Launch

Deedcoin has been described as the digital currency solution for the real estate market. The token is aimed at solving many of the issues faced by the different stakeholders in the real estate market including investors, traders, and companies by leveraging the features and benefits of the cryptocurrency space. Deedcoin has announced the launch of the ICO for the DEED token scheduled to commence on the 6th of July, 2018.

The real estate market and network is a growing one and can only be effectively harnessed with an efficient system. Deedcoin is consequently aiming to simplify the market by allowing token holders to have access to a better real estate network. The DEED Network currently has Brokerage Offices in over 160 cities that encompass all 50 States and Puerto Rico. This will consequently simplify the transaction process and streamline real estate transactions.

Deedcoin will also be beneficial to agents, allowing them to spend most of their time and resources closing deals rather than competing for clients, consequently getting more in commissions.

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A total of 29 million DEED is expected to be in existence, with 18.7 million available for the public, which will be sold as DEED tokens. DEED is also receiving accolades from different users and holders alike. “I used 20 DEED, purchased at $1.50 per token, for $30, and received a rebate worth $3780.00 at closing. Or roughly, 126X what I paid for the DEED,” says George Moran – Palm Bay, FL.

More information about Deedcoin, can be found on their website, Telegram, as well as their whitepaper


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