Deeniyat Pro Ramadan App Is Launched with the Ramadan, Salah Timing, & Quran Translation

Teeba Siddiqui, a rising app developer has recently launched an Islamic app called Deeniyat Pro App keeping in mind Ramadan, Suhoor, and Iftar Timing. Deeniyat Pro Ramadan App is a very useful app for Moslems Brethrens in Ramadan. It offers accurate Ramadan Timing, Iftar Timing, and Salah timing according to the user,s Location. It provides reading and listening facility of Quran E Karim in 40+ language,

Deeniyat Pro provides highly accurate timing for Suhoor, Iftar and Salah according to the location of the users. During the Month of Ramadan, people need to adjust their eating, sleeping, and working pattern according to the Suhoor and Iftar time. Deeniyat Pro app and its reminder will ensure that the users will not miss any important Salah time, so they can continue their daily routine while increasing the intensity of their Ibadah.

This app also comes with Quran Learning and Listening feature. Users can read Quran E Karim with translation in more than 40+ languages and can play some interesting Arabic words quizzes to test their Arabic Words knowledge. Users also can use Deeniyat Pro App to find mosques near their area. It also shows an accurate Qibla direction as per mobile location so users can pray anywhere they go even if they cannot find any mosques nearby or lost direction. With the addition of Islamic Dua for various occasion and also 99 Allah names, Deeniyat Pro App is more than just a Ramadan timing app. It is also a great learning tool suitable for those who want to learn more about Islam and Quran E Karim Translation

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“Ramadan is an important month for Moslems. This blessed month is the best time to improve our Ibadah and get closer to Allah. With this Deeniyat App, we want to help our fellow Moslems brothers to be more focused in Ibadat. The app we developed is useful for those who want to be a better Moslem during this holy month of Ramadan,” said the developer of Deeniyat Pro Quran timing app.

Besides providing accurate Iftar, Salah timing and also Quran reading in more than 40 languages, this app also offers daily Islamic quotes.Quotes can be shared on Facebook and WhatsApp group. The Islamic quotes can provide comfort and remind people about the greatness of the Almighty. The daily quotes also can be shared to social media such as facebook WhatsApp to motivate fellow Moslems.

Islamic Wallpaper and Ringtones are also available in the App which you can set as your mobile Tunes and mobile screen.

About Teeba Siddiqui

Teeba Siddiqui is the developer of the popular Deeniyat pro-Ramadan timing app, Deeniyat Pro. This great Android application is trending in many countries despite being released less than five days ago. Besides Deeniyat Pro Ramadan, Teeba Siddiqui also has another Deeniayt app having 100000 plus install with 4.8-star Rating on Play Store

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