Devnagri A Delhi Based AI-Powered Human Translation Platform Redefining Translation Industry

Digital India concept is undoubtedly one of the representatives of massive success in India. You can say, that digitization is the soul of businesses today as the majority of the communication takes place through it.

When we talk from the perspective of internet users in India, as per one study conducted by KPMG & Google in India we have about 234 million Indian language users as against 175 million English internet users. This is one of the growing concerns today. Within the span of next five years, the probability of internet users in Indian languages is expected to be increasing to 75%

The key growth factors for the rise in Indian language internet users include a broad list. To list a few are a reduction in the mobile data charges, affordable high speed internet, increasing regional language support, the rise in overall internet penetration, and smartphone users. Out of the total digital population in India, about 68% Internet users find Indian languages to be more convenient and reliable. In place of this, the rural community of India has a higher affinity for the regional Indian languages.

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If we dig deep and segregate it further the adoption propensity of eight major Indian languages are Bengali (46%), Hindi (54%), Gujrati (43%), Kannada (74%), Malayalam (44%), Marathi (43%), Tamil (74%), and Telugu (60%).

In order to trounce all the technical ambiguities and to cater the demand of today’s localization, Nakul Kundra & Himanshu Sharma (Founders) realized that it is the time that our country deserves content localization strategy and have come up with a venture The Indian App Store. This Indian app store was explicitly crafted intending to serve the Indian natives to download all popular applications available on the all the famous stores in their regional languages.

As there is famous saying the success doesn’t come easy, within the short span of time after the launch the team realized that the application content is not available in the regional languages and many big companies choose to neglect the above facts & figures and as resulting of it the app store looks empty. Realizing the shortcomings of their Indian app store, Nakul and Himanshu stepped in the shoes of entrepreneurs of Devnagri.

Devnagri an AI Powered Human Translation Platform was created with the objective of enabling the businesses to reach about 500+ million internet users in India. To rule out the communication barrier and provide a bridging platform between the customers and companies, Devnagri offers translation services in 8 different Indian languages and counting. These languages includes Bengali, Guajarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

The services includes but not restricted to

  • Website Translation & Localization
  • Mobile App Localization
  • Documents Translation Services
  • Media Translation Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Multi-Cultural Marketing
  • Courses & LMS Localization

Devnagri platform is specifically engineered to support more than 18+ file formats. To list a few of the file formats are .xml, .strings, .po, .pot, .xls and other related file formats.

With Devnagri, it becomes smooth and convenient for continuous regional language localization. REST API feature form Devnagri helps the platform to integrate with the client business development tools and systems. This integration makes continuous localization possible for every new release of applications or the featured updates. In addition to the REST API,

Devnagri platform serves its clients with Command-line client features. This Command-line client feature helps the client’s businesses to synchronize bulk file volumes with Devnagri. Syncing files with Devnagri becomes convenient with the few simple commands supported by the platform.

Devnagri proffers 100% customized workflow satisfaction and saves on 80% of your translation time. It functions in 50% cost-efficient manner as its AI Machine learning platform will automatically eliminates the cost of already translated words (removing cascading effect) savings huge amount of money and differentiating their platform from traditional translators.

With devnagri they aren’t just localizing but celebrating Indian languages

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