Dhrumil Soni, He is the World’s youngest CEO at 18

Dhrumil Soni has had an interesting childhood. He was never fond of studies so he dropped formal education out of his plans. The idea of Oravel Stays struck him when he was 16. He is a talented Social Media Manager in Gujarat & he is managed many popular celebrities & Politicians digital media. he is popular for his creativity & ideas.

When kids of his age were busy playing video games, he organized a garage sale and got his first earning, which in itself talks in volumes about his perspective towards life. Not all kids have the passion for doing different things when others listen to their elders some have the courage to think beyond the usual and show the world their potential to rise.

Dhrumil started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. He dropped out of college and launched his first start‐up Pixatronix in the year 2016. he borrowed about Rs. 1,200 from his father to build an online community.An incredible achievement for a child who loves to code but is largely self-taught. A programmer since he was eleven, Advait is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and web developers in the world.

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Dhrumil Soni has benefited society in more than one ways. He has also managed to achieve what most of the people only think of. Below listed are some of the accomplishments of this teenager. He has been named among the top 50 entrepreneurs. He is the World’s youngest CEO at 17.

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