DictaCam – the best tool to remember details on photos

We take pictures to capture memories and pictures help us in keeping data safe. However, if we add captions in the picture it gives us a different experience. Especially when you need to remember important details on a photo, a caption increases the chance to remember, find and use them in your reports. Recently SeppsApps.com launched a new application named “DictaCam”. It is a camera application, or one can say documentation tool to take your picture notes. It comes with a dictation device that means one can easily add details of the picture through speaking.

As far as if the features of this application are considered, it integrates GPS coordinates, date and time, adding of the own company’s logo, tagging of a bubble level and coordinate systems. Also saving the camera photos directly in Google Drive & Dropbox and share it with colleagues and friends is possible. Anytime images can be edited& notes can be added. Users of DictaCam have access to the photos, text files, and audio files. Previewing of the image is also available to ensure the final picture. There is also a modification of the camera settings for simple adaption to the environmental situation. Users who don’t want to add their picture notes by using “speech to text” can also use the default keyboard.

The company reveals that one can easily make the image memo with the help of this application. It is an extremely valuable tool for both, professional and non-professional users. Just consider a project manager in the construction branch who takes 100 or more photos every day. The developers told that their main goal is to provide a handy tool to make the professional and complete photo documentation easier. Some new features, that will enable users to finish their complete photo documentation report without any additional work are currently in development and will be presented in the next weeks.

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Working for this application:

It is no matter one is using this app for professional work or for the household. The developers keep the concept short and simple. The user only needs to capture the image and add text through writing or speaking. After clicking on the SAVE button the image will get saved in the gallery, with the inserted text embedded on the photo.

They also keep the subscription system in which there are 10 days of free trial. In this period, one can use the DictaCam for free after the download. Just by sending a request email to the team ([email protected]), they will extend the free trial for 90 extra days! They also provide the facility to the user to subscribe to2 different packages, each one available per year or month.


From now users will have no more worries about making their photo documentation. This tool will save you time and money. If one needs to make the photo documentation, then just go with DictaCam. There will be no more annoying tasks such as co-writing or time-consuming transfer of the information in the back office. Now make the documentation with just 3 simple clicks.

For more information drop the email on the following address.

[email protected]

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