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The realization of 3 years of hard work; researching, testing and analyzing what does and does not work in the world of Digital Marketing. Describing themselves as an Agency with a twist "HunterWorx Limited" will be celebrating the launch of its new Services by giving away it’s DIY Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap: Filled with lots of free resources and, all supported (if required) by a one-to-one free review call. The formal launch is happening NOW!

Not wanting to do the usual – launch a website, put some Social Media posts out and maybe some paid advertising, then learn at a Customers expense, HunterWorx decided to do things a little differently. Taking their own personal experience of running a number of small businesses, coupled with over 30 years experience in the IT and Online Marketing arena. They set themselves a simple objective – find out what really works in respect of Businesses growth.

John Hunter, Managing Director at HunterWorx Limited, says: "we didn’t want to be just another agency, full of fluff and pretty pictures on computer screens". As such, they went out and spoke to over 50 the UK and US Business Owners (ranging from £1 m – £25 m turnover) who gave them their personal views of why Digital Marketing may not have been as successful as they had originally hoped. So, without going into a whole raft of fancy analysis and graphs etc. What were some of the findings?

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* Lack of understanding of Marketplace, Customers and Competitors. * Confusing Tactics with Strategy. * No research, no plan – being focused on the wrong things. * Lack of leadership commitment. * Shinny Object Syndrome. * Wasting money sending Traffic to a poorly converting Websites. * No measurement. * Resistance to change.

Yes, there were lots of companies who had no internal Marketing resource whatsoever, so really did need to outsource their complete Strategy. However, they also identified a number of small internal teams (1 to max 5 guys), who buy external services as and when required. So, the answer? Build On-Demand Service Packages. The result; a platform where Businesses can go and buy just one Service Package, as and when required – some with 7 day free trials and all underpinned by a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. No more searching the usual job-boards or putting a requirement out on one of the many Contractor Marketplace Websites, having to sift through loads of sketchy responses. Businesses can choose from over 90 Service Packages and know what they are buying has been tested and will be provided to an agreed specification. In summary, identify whats needed and buy, as and when required, with complete confidence – no salespeople and no long-term contracts.

In parallel, layering their findings across a complete array of technology and service providers. The results defined what HunterWorx needed to build/offer in respect of Customs Services. The theme – cut through all the Digital Marketing noise, and help Business Owners succeed. Having feedback such as; "budget is too small", "quoted extortionate monthly fees", "couldn’t see likely returns", "Agency didn’t understand our Business", "just too complicated", "haven’t got time". And in the first place; "yes, have used loads of agencies in the past, why are you going to be any different and how are you going to prove experience"?

So with these, and many more, concerns ringing in their ears, HunterWorx set out to build their Custom Services Model. One which actually helps business to become self-sufficient (if required) by supplying as much free information and support as possible. As previously stated, HunterWorx will be giving away (free) Part 1 of their DIY Strategy Workbook – covering; Brand, Website, SEO, Content, Website Optimization and Social Media. The Workbook will help Business Owners build their own Digital Marketing Strategy, with the offer of using HunterWorx as a sounding-board should they require any additional help. When asked why provide all this for free? John Hunter’s response was quite direct: "when running previous businesses I found an abundance of agencies who just wanted my money, very few who were prepared to go the extra mile, get to know us, really understand our business and work with us to build an effective solution".

HunterWorx built all of the above, however, they kept coming back to the last point of most discussions "proof of experience". Yes, any prospective Client can always check out to see John’s personal experience. However, he knew that would never be good enough for any Customer to entrust their investment into Digital Marketing. So what was the answer? Simple, find and partner with the best. HunterWorx now works with some of the best specialists on a global scale. Ranging from Website Optimization, other specialist areas through to one of the top HubSpot Platinum Partners in the world.

When asked why HunterWorx: "We think it’s going to be a real hit because It’s Risk-Free! No pushy Salespeople, no long-term contractual commitments. Free support to help you get started and over 90 Service Packages which you can purchase, anytime you like, with complete confidence – no fear of them not being delivered to the agreed specification etc. Then when Clients do need campaigns which are designed specifically for their needs, they can turn to a Certified Team who has years of know-how and experience to ensure a Custom Solution which will get them the best results possible".

HunterWorx Digital Marketing Services service is live NOW. So, to find out more about HunterWorx and the how they can help you, visit:

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