Dimension144.com Launches the World’s First Open World Website Platform.

Dimension144.com unveils the first and only open world website designed to create an augmented reality that challenges the current limitations of website development and our understanding of reality itself while redefining the expectations that viewers currently have for their web browsing experience. Using a complex series of structured layers, communities, and characters unique to their dimension of reality are revealed.

Utilizing mixed media, the artist (Tony Hulse) creates worlds in Photoshop and the Unreal Game Engine, then applies layers to every page that include streaming media, images, audio and text to offer a unique sensory experience.

About Dimension144 (The Website)
Dimension144.com serves multiple purposes. Beyond the obvious goal of attracting and keeping visitors, the design of this platform is a demonstration of the creative services provided by Tony Hulse, the designer, and mind of DIMENSION144. The creative services available for marketing and promotion purposes are offered in various packages including stand-alone services and inclusion into the expanding DIMENSION144 universe. The design allows viewers to explore every facet, advertisement, product, person, object, building, room, and so on for every reality they enter. This design allows brands and products to be rebranded within every reality. Every week more sections open up and the worlds that are created become even more immersive and interactive.

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This design came to be from research, development, and product design testing starting in August 2004. The first trial of interactive media was made in the form of an automotive magazine where viewers were able to view embedded streaming media within the pages of an online magazine. This technology was in its infant stages and was developed even before YouTube was born. However, there were technology setbacks that prevented the full vision to be shared and it would take 15 more years for the right system and compatible devices to be created and sold. Tony was ahead of the curve then and is aligned for the new paths forming now. After the sale of the first company, Tony went on to start a videogame and entertainment website which involved him moving from NY to California to focus on the technology and trend changes that were occurring. This is where he began working in Primetime Television and managing celebrity endorsements. Very quickly he rose the ranks and gained access to the people behind the scenes that took part in directing the focus of the collective consciousness of humanity including the founding members of the Producers Guild of America and many various members of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). In the process, he learned about lighting, sounds, codes, sigils, and other precise elements that allow supernatural occurrences to happen from the inclusion of digested media.

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