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YSMART is back on Kickstarter after a previously successful campaign to market their latest EDC pen. London, UK (July 25 2019) — YSMART, one of the most creative EDC gadgets brands, has launched TIPEN, the world’s smallest and toughest pen tool through Kickstarter. The campaign is 675% funded in 2 hours on the 1st day. Till this moment, the TIPEN owned 1300+ backers and successfully reached £50,000.


YSMART TIPEN is perfectly sized for every day carry needs and travel while still being more than durable enough to take the beating of hard use. Each pen utilizes a precision-machined all-metal body and tip designed to last a lifetime. The biggest difference between "TIPEN" and "OTHERS" is the Tungsten Carbide ballpoint tip. The TIPEN now is available in 2 colours—silver and black. The silver one is made by titanium which is super tough usually used in military applications. The black one is made by aluminium which is way lighter than steel yet corrosion resistant. Both are truly functional work of art.

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Minimal Appearance, Maximum Functionality. For creative writers, it’s a method for remembering important plot details on-the-fly. For inventors, engineers, and craftsmen, it’s a way to convert light-bulb moments into actual blueprints. For daily use, it can open packages in a pinch and even double as an emergency impact tool should the dire need ever arise. For environmental consideration, it’s disposable, cost-effective and ECO-friendly.

TIPEN Specifications:

  • Length: 50 mm
  • Weight: 4 g / 5 g
  • Color : Silver / Black
  • Cartridge: Refillable
  • Tip: Tungsten Carbide ballpoint
  • Materials: Grade 5 Titanium / Aerospace Aluminum

“A lot of people within the EDC community have a fascination with tiny things — myself included. There’s something incredibly pleasing about carrying and using a tool that’s small, lightweight and can still get the job done,” said YSMART Designer Frank.

Pricing and Availability

You can preorder now on Kickstarter with prices starting as £12 till August 9th. Visit here for more information.

Campaign link: Click here


Media contact: [email protected]

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