EduPuzzle by Edutainment Ventures

Available today for iPhone and iPad users, “EduPuzzle” Gaming App offers an irresistible opportunity to gain a lifetime of knowledge while playing. This new offering from Edutainment Ventures allows gamers to choose between knowledge sets of their interest ranging from Movies, Actors, Vocabulary and more. Day after day, more knowledge sets are added to these games covering all aspects of conversational, study, and learning topics – as many as 400. The game has enough challenges until Level-999 to suit kids, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens alike for their entire lifetime.

Edutainment Ventures may sound like a new kid on the block of Gaming Apps with built-in Knowledge components – It is set to single-handedly transforming the future of Education, the future of Gaming, and the future of Knowledge Lifestyle by fusing all of them in one single session of Edutainment gaming.

EduPuzzle, unlike other gaming apps, holds the power to change the Boring education and study styles into Dynamic and Vibrant learning paradigm via Games. In its young days, this company has erupted like a volcano of education by expanding its presence exponentially in as many as 221 countries of the world. It has been touching the lives of citizens from all of the countries of planet earth on daily basis and bringing the hope of knowledge and success in their career and social relationships.

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  • Crossword – The ubiquitous game that encapsulates knowledge topics of your interest
  • Mesh – Find hidden words in a maze of letters studded with the knowledge points with clues
  • EduSwap – Swap letter tiles in a mesh grid to form knowledge points asked in clues.
  • Edugram- Make anagrams of clue knowledge points by swapping letter tiles.

The inner beauty of this app is the topics – movies, actors, social science, economics, advanced science, general science apart from the words of the English language. Add some spice by climbing the ladders of challenges and boosting the score with funny trivia. EduBank is quite an amazing feature of the app wherein you can store whatever you crack in the game. The app is breaking the myth that one cannot play while learning.

We are looking for sponsors and partners since we hold the capacity to make such fun games with the data mined about all lifestyle topics of the world. Check our website for all other game themes and knowledge sets we offer.

The app is available worldwide on Apple App Store. A perfect app to kickstart your mornings and bedside lullaby deserves all the rights to be played by the gamers.

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Edupuzzle app is developed by Edutainment Ventures, an Edutainment app development company.

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