Eiger Design GmbH announces J-Testr RF a new test solution for the Internet of Things.

Eiger Design GmbH, an innovative supplier of functional circuit test (FCT) solutions to the electronics test market, today announced the launch of a new test solution for todays integrated RF devices (e.g. Bluetooth, LORA, WIFI) and other RF applications including ISM 433MHz.

Commenting on the launch Roger Weekes, Commercial Director at Eiger Design said “With broadband internet now widely available, and the cost of connecting continually decreasing, more devices are being created with communication capabilities and sensors built into them. As technology costs go down, companies both large and small are looking for cost effective ways to test functionality of their RF devices.”

The J-Testr RF is a test solution designed specifically to test todays integrated RF devices for the IoT (Bluetooth, LORA, WIFI, etc.) and other RF applications (including ISM 433MHz). With a compact, space efficient footprint, competitive pricing, advanced features and flexibility the J-Testr RF enables large and small companies to effectively test their RF devices with confidence and significantly improve the quality of testing at the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) stage.

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Integrating an ‘exchangeable’ high RF isolation chamber, with full fixture (bed of nails) capability, the device under test, and its measurements, are shielded from almost all environments. The J-Testr RF eliminates the need for special ‘low RF noise’ rooms within a production environment and provides high quality and repeatable measurements. Special consideration has been given to ease of integration with open access to the RF chamber plus intelligent cabling and connector layout, creating a simple and cost- effective test solution.

RF instruments are integrated in such a way as to enable them to be controlled manually or automatically, via test sequencer software, that allows quick testing or debugging of devices with little or even no test software support. The RF instruments include digital displays at the user interface enabling the user to see the current RF signal measurement/outputs even during an automated test.

Designed not only to test RF functions the J-Testr RF includes a fully integrated standard J-Testr system with all the stimulation signals present within non-RF function test systems, which allows the device to receive a full functional test without the need for another test stage. These standard functional test features allow the same test station to be used for non-RF UUTs using low-cost standard J-Testr exchangeable kits extending the return on investment.

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Key Features:

• RF and Functional Test Solution
• Configurable and flexible.
• Compact and portable.
• Ease of integration features
• Exchangeable RF Chamber with up to 80db attenuation.
• Fully integrated RF power meter and frequency counter up to 6GHz input
• Fully integrated RF signal generator up to 6GHz and +10dbm output
• Manual and automatic RF instrument control
• Efficient ‘all internal’ cabling system including HS ‘Pass-Through’ connections
• Customisable ‘Metallic’ Sub-D cabling interface with RF filter options.
• Internal integrated J-Testr System with support for the following functions:
o Dual supply peripheral up to 5A per channel
o Dual load peripheral up to 8A per channel
o Multichannel precision and ultra-low noise ADC and DAC with PGA
o 2 x timer measurement peripheral with up to 64 high or low speed IO
o Multiple special purpose IO (PWM, SPI, UART, I2C, timing)
o J-Safe advanced device protection technology
• CAN and RS422 communications peripheral
o ARINC communications option
o Multiple channel AC measurement module
o Power supply monitor and protection module
o In circuit programming card (available early 2019)
• Fully programmable front user panel illuminated buttons and indicators
• Option for internal oscilloscope
• Option for FEASEA LED Analyser
• Options for external ISP programmers and boundary scan systems.
• Includes all the standard FCT features of the J-Testr system.

About Eiger Design
Eiger Design GmbH is a company dedicated to supporting engineers to safely and reliably bring products from prototype to full production with its highly compact ‘all-in-one’ Ethernet and / or JTAG controlled universal and modular functional test systems, J-Testr and J-Testr+.
Eiger Design’s J-Testr range offers a highly compact and easily portable test bench solution for FCT. Recommended for both full scale production and initial “protected power-up” of prototype PCBs, J-Testr provides added safety features, including its unique J-Safe feature, that can’t be implemented with traditional modular test systems. Eiger Design’s aim is to offer customers an integrated package with flexibility, portability and product safety, the J-Testr system provides a fully optimized and cost-efficient test solution.

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