Enriching online Property viewing experiences with Video Technology

Even in 2019 most online property listing portals’ method of showcasing properties are still image-centric. Images are still nonetheless a definite step up from the days of newspaper ads when advertisements were all text-based. However, video content delivers an even more enhanced experience whereby the user can almost view the property vicariously through the eyes of the person capturing the video; offering a spatial perspective of the property which still images can never offer. Today, with the capturing of videos through mobile phones as easy as a press of a button why are there not more sites and apps showcasing properties using video content as the norm rather than as the exception. This is due to a multitude of reasons including the complexity of video manipulation, non-standardized video format support across different devices, large storage capacity requirements for server administrators and difficulties in integration with legacy systems. Before the advent of smartphones, the capturing and production of video content was a highly specialized industry requiring expensive video recorders and complex video editing software which only a few knew how to operate. With the popularisation of a smartphone, these barriers no longer exist and all the new apps that do not have to deal with legacy issues are all video-content friendly.

OneDay (https://www.oneday.com.hk) is arguably Hong Kong’s No 1 real estate platform and they have recently launched video content support for all property listings. Estate agents and landlords can now easily upload videos to showcase their properties through our mobile App or website dashboard. Videos and images can be uploaded together en masse and the system will automatically process and sort through the different media types. The option to utilize video content to engage end-users vastly deepens the connection with the target audience. Furthermore, these videos can be shared through social media and other video platforms which will tap a readership unbeknownst to image and text content.

“Using video as a supplement for interacting with the target audience creates a unique 3-dimensional experience that dramatically enhances the level of end-user engagement,” said Jason Cheng, CEO of OneDay. “We’re excited about integrating the video capabilities into the OneDay platform, further strengthening OneDay as the de facto property platform that people use in searching for real estate turn to. We’re constantly innovating our platform so estate agents and landlords can better connect, interact, and share with the end-user.”

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