Erinzan Pty Ltd. Partners with AWE Learning on Launch of Platinum

AWE Acquisition, Inc. dba AWE Learning, is excited to announce its recent partnership with Erinzan Pty Ltd., trading as EdAlive. Headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, AWE Learning is the leading provider of digital learning solutions for public libraries throughout the United States and Canada.

AWE Learning’s newest products, Early Literacy Station™ Platinum, Bilingual Spanish Literacy Station, and AfterSchool Edge™ Platinum, each include more than 75 new software titles, spanning all STREAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) for early learners. We are excited to offer two (2) of EdAlive’s titles on our Platinum workstations. “Math Invaders” is a fast-paced math practice game where learners target invading math problems and build math fact fluency. Kids complete hundreds of challenges in minutes. “Volcanic Panic” engages young mathematicians helping them to build mental math skills and problem-solving strategies while having fun! It features more than 7,500 curriculum-linked activities covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percentages, ration and proportions, and numbers.

Through AWE Learning’s partnership with EdAlive their educational software titles will reach a larger audience and will positively impact early learners. EdAlive’s educational activities help young learners to build school readiness skills, lead them to be successful in the classroom, and in their future. Graham East, CEO of EdAlive, said, “Kids learn best when having fun. The award-winning EdAlive titles combine sound educational activities with full-on games. The kids have so much fun, and they don’t even know they are learning.”

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AWE Learning President & CEO, Dr Deborah B. Sorgi, said, “We are delighted to partner with EdAlive. Companies like EdAlive offer a variety of premier educational content for our target age group and markets. Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. In today’s global and connected world, critical skills are learned and mastered all day long. By addressing the foundational literacy skills of early learners, we’re lowering the need for intervention programs. And we’re giving every child access to unlimited opportunities to grow and connect. We have no doubt that young patrons everywhere will greatly enjoy interacting on these exciting new titles.”

For more information on AWE Learning’s new products, please visit or call 888-293-0272.


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AWE Learning provides comprehensive digital learning and early literacy solutions for young children in public libraries across the United States. Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community. Through our dedication to high quality, STREAM-aligned content that is easy to use, we collaborate with libraries to highlight their role as community leaders in the pursuit of learning.

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EdAlive believes that every child is special and that education gives them the best opportunity to live life to the fullest. EdAlive’s educational content offer the highest quality resources available for all children to reach their learning potential. Our goal is to build educational software that motives kids to learn through fun.

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