Est Capital AG, a VQF/FINMA supervised company out of Switzerland

Dr Sindhu Bhaskar of EST Capital AG, a VQF/FINMA supervised financial institution at Zug, Switzerland, has been creating a network of banking setup and security licenses. Now, his application for the banking license from FINMA in Switzerland has been cleared by the Zurich law firm, PFI AG, to move to the second stage of Banking license.

Dr Sindhu, a veteran banker has been advocating governments across the globe on creating a regulated environment in crypto space. He brought Oryx Prive, a Dubai based Tokenisation platform for VC under his umbrella of regulated activities while its public coin, OryxCoin, listed on two exchanges shall be the dividend-coin in the EST ecosystem. Its takeover of active Peruvian Gold mining reserves has created the base for Gold Backed Tokens, Machu (MCU). It shall act as the treasury token for the interbank settlement.

Sindhu said we are backed by a Reg D Gold bond available on DTC fulfilling the USA regulatory conditions. He acquired shares in another financial institution in Peru, EST Rondesa and upgrading it to category 3 banking activities. His 2 other bank licenses are also awaited.

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He further took over an exchange platform, Bitselly to add to his banking network and created OTC relationship for smooth settlements.

Further, he directs all his efforts to create an all-comprehensive banking umbrella to contribute fully to Micro-financing, financial inclusion and create the real digital Composite banking incorporating blockchain operations contrary to the existing elitist banking.

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